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You can find the original page here. Michael Abrash's classic Graphics Programming Black Book is a compilation of Michael's previous writings on assembly language and graphics programming including from his "Graphics Programming" column in Dr. Dobb's Journal. Much of the focus of this book is on profiling and code testing, as well as performance optimization.

Graphics Programming Black Book Special Edition

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Michael Abrash

Michael Abrash is a software executive, programmer and technical writer specializing in code optimization and 80x86 assembly language , a reputation cemented by his book Zen of Assembly Language Volume 1: Knowledge [2] and a monthly column in Dr. Dobb's Journal in the early s. A later book, Zen of Graphics Programming , applied these ideas to 2D and 3D graphics prior to the advent of hardware accelerators for the PC. He frequently begins a technical discussion with an anecdote that draws parallels between a real-life experience he has had and the article's subject matter. His prose encourages readers to think outside the box and to approach solving technical problems in an innovative way. Abrash first bought a microcomputer while doing postgraduate studies at the University of Pennsylvania. His first commercial game was a clone of Space Invaders published by Datamost in as Space Strike.

Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. This is the source for an ebook version of Michael Abrash's Black Book of Graphics Programming Special Edition , originally published in and released online for free in Reproduced with blessing of Michael Abrash, converted and maintained by James Gregory.

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Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book is a collection of the author's previous books on assembly language and graphics programming, as well as past columns for Dr. Dobb's magazine. This text features assembler optimization for a variety of problems including searching algorithms, and records the author's approaches to optimizing code for the evolving line of Intel CPUs, from the on to the early Pentium lines. The last few chapters of this book are more relevant, and include a series of explorations of some of the technology behind the popular Doom and Quake 3-D games by id Corporation where the author worked.

Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book

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Graphics Programming Black Book

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Title Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book; Author(s) Michael Paperback pages; eBook Online, PDF files, MB; Language: English.


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Most of Zen of Graphics. Programming, 2nd Edition is in there (and the rest is on the CD); all of Zen of. Code Optimization is there too, and even my book.

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Markdown source for Michael Abrash's Graphics Programming Black Book which Michael and Dr. Dobbs released in was a collection of PDF files.

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It was first published in July in Dr.