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Focus is a five-level, flexible Upper Secondary course with special components that prepares and motivates students for their end of school exams. Language is brought to life through grammar animations, interactive videos and culturally relevant clips. Acquisition is driven by careful recycling of vocabulary and grammar.

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Description by encouraging self- expression, global citizenship, and active participation, impact motivates students matura focus 2 student s book a2 b1 pdf to explore who they are and who they want to be, all while learning english! Headway english has been written with the adult learner' s needs in mind. We took the trusted methodology and structure of headway and after consultation with vhs and adult education professionals in germany, adapted the content to best suit the requirements of these teaching environments. Opener page 9 2 1 they are two sisters in brunei. The huli villager. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. This book provides 50 of the most engaging personality quizzes covering all the areas of teenager interest including love and romance, friendship, travel and adventure, clothes and fashion, matura focus 2 student s book a2 b1 pdf family, and more.

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Focus 2 Student’s book

They stop at Space Island. They meet some friendly green aliens and see an alien school, an Astronaut Cafe and a blue elephant! But the aliens need their help. A big meteor is coming to Space Island! Can they find the big laser, stop the meteor and rescue Space Island? Specially designed to motivate older teens, it helps them to track their level and achieve the exam results they need.

FOCUS is a brand new course for upper-secondary schools that takes students from A2 up to C1 level and offers a thorough preparation to the school leaving exam. Grammar explained in videos! Video animations of grammar consist of a background story to provide context and a virtual teacher to how a structure is formed and applied. Interactive videos provide a real context for practising language from Speaking lessons. Go through the lesson in the Students' Book, then watch a model dialogue and put yourself in the shoes of Pearson A or Person B to have a try. MEMORY - On top of comprehensive exposure to and recycling of lexical items, the course offers Word Store, a vocabulary practice booklet with a wide variety of exercises and a unique method of involving learners actively in recording new words and phrases.

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Science Focus 7 Pdf. As a science, biology is an ongoing process. For parents and teachers who want to sequence their own science program.


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Educational resources of the Internet - English. Download textbooks, dictionaries, manuals, audio, video etc. Pronunciation Better English Pronunciation. Clear Speech. Student's Book. Judy B. English Pronunciation in Use - Elementary.

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