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Matt Meenan The first update in more than four years, Aluminum Standards and Data is the preeminent reference for aluminum mill product standards and the most complete source of information on wrought aluminum.

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The most commonly-encountered system for identifying aluminum alloys is that of the Aluminum Association. Commercially-available alloys are assigned a four-digit number, followed by a hyphen, a letter and, often, one to three numerals identifying treatment. The designations provide some clues to the composition of the alloy, but they are not a complete description of its constituents or their proportions. That is contained in the standard for the alloy, which is maintained by the Aluminum Association, who act as the international registrar.

The first digit of the four-digit number classifies the alloys by the principal alloying element:. The second digit is used to distinguish later revisions of the specification for that alloy, except for the 1xxx group, where 10xx indicates unalloyed aluminum, having only naturally-occurring impurities, and any other digit in the second place has been assigned a meaning having to do with control of particular impurities.

So for example becomes UNS A These steps can be reversed to get 4-digit designations. A system substantially the same as the present system of temper designations was adopted in October Previously also made use of letters and numbers, e. The T temper designations apply to alloys in the 2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx groups, with a few oddballs elsewhere lithium alloys aerospace An alloy was identified by giving the two letters for the most prevalent constituents, in the order of their concentration, followed by their concentrations, in the same order, as percentages each rounded to a whole number.

So, for example, what we call , with 0. Unfortunately present-day , with 1. Pure aluminum by a numeral, the purity in tens of a percent, but omitting the decimal point. For example "" would be In the Commercial System, two digits followed by the suffix S.

This system influenced the AA system; the meaning of the initial digits are very similar e. ANSI H ASTM B You can get quite a bit of data on an alloy, not including tempering, by converting its 4-digit designation to a UNS number and looking it up on MatWeb:.

An engineer at the Federal Aviation Administration has compiled an unofficial cross reference between current and obsolete alloy designations, to support those trying to keep antique aircraft flying. Terry Khaled. Former alloy and temper designations, aluminum and magnesium alloys.

International temper designation systems for wrought aluminum alloys. Part I — Strain hardenable H temper aluminum alloys. Light Metal Age , vol. Part II — Thermally treated T temper aluminum alloys. See table VI on page Aluminum Standards and Data Werner Hesse, editor. Berlin: Beuth, All rights reserved. Last revised: 3 May X Sorry.

No information on contributors is available for this page. Heat treated to the temper with the lowest strength. Sometimes the heat treatment is not some additional, separate, process, but an aspect of the fabrication.

If that leads to the desired low-strength annealed state, the O designation is appropriate. O may be followed by a digit to indicate some special characteristic, but it usually isn't. Strain hardened wrought products. May be heat-treated to reduce strength. Heat treated, but left in an unstable state which will change as it ages at room temperature.

Heat treated to produce a stable temper other than F, O or H. Cooled from a high-temperature shaping process, cold-worked, and then naturally aged until stable. Heated to the temperature at which some of the constituents go into solution, cold worked, and then naturally aged until stable.

Heated to the temperature at which some of the constituents go into solution, and then naturally aged until stable. Cooled from a high-temperature shaping process and then artificially aged until stable. Heated to a temperature at which some of the constituents go into solution, and artificially overaged. Heated to a temperature at which some of the constituents go into solution, cold worked, and artificially aged.

Heated to a temperature at which some of the constituents go into solution, artificially aged, then cold worked. Cooled from a high-temperature shaping process, cold worked, and then artificially aged.

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The Aluminum Association released the latest metric version of its longest-running and most popular publication, Aluminum Standards and Data Metric SI The Association released its U. Customary Edition earlier in the year, which was reviewed by Light Metal Age. The book is divided into three parts distinguished by their page colors: blue, yellow, and white. The white pages cover standard limits for chemical composition, mechanical properties, physical properties and dimensional tolerances for wrought aluminum mill products, as well as designations for clad products and chemical composition limits for aluminum mill products. Tagged with: aluminum alloys , standards , The Aluminum Association.

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Aggregated aluminium exposure: risk assessment for the general population

Matt Meenan mmeenan aluminum. Customary Edition. The book, which was last updated in , is a guide for those that use and produce aluminum including comprehensive information on all commonly available alloys and mill products -- an essential reference for anyone who works with aluminum. The TCPS group is comprised of technical standards experts from aluminum producing member companies. Aluminum Standards and Data U.

Originally called "Alloy 61S", it was developed in It is commonly available in pre-tempered grades such as O annealed , tempered grades such as T6 solutionized and artificially aged and T solutionized, stress-relieved stretched and artificially aged. The mechanical properties of depend greatly on the temper , or heat treatment, of the material. T6 temper has been treated to provide the maximum precipitation hardening and therefore maximum yield strength for a aluminum alloy. T temper has similar mechanical properties.

Developmental toxicity, effects on the urinary tract and neurotoxicity are known effects of aluminium and its compounds. Here, we assessed the health risks resulting from total consumer exposure towards aluminium and various aluminium compounds, including contributions from foodstuffs, food additives, food contact materials FCM , and cosmetic products. These were combined with consumption data from the German National Consumption Survey II to yield aluminium exposure via food for adults. It was found that the average weekly aluminium exposure resulting from food intake amounts to approx. As a result, the TWI can be exhausted or slightly exceeded—particularly for infants who are not exclusively breastfed and young children relying on specially adapted diets e.

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Aluminum Association Releases 2017 Edition of Aluminum Standards & Data


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European standardsWith the support of the aluminium industry, more than European standards ENs for aluminium and its alloys in various forms have already been published by the European Committee for Standardization CEN.

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"Aluminum Standards and Data is a critically important reference for the entire aluminum industry," said Layle "Kip" Smith, President and.

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The book, which was last updated in , is a guide for those that use and Aluminum Standards and Data U.S. Customary Edition.