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In statistical significance testing , a one-tailed test and a two-tailed test are alternative ways of computing the statistical significance of a parameter inferred from a data set, in terms of a test statistic. A two-tailed test is appropriate if the estimated value is greater or less than a certain range of values, for example, whether a test taker may score above or below a specific range of scores.

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What is a critical value?

Hi Charles, At the table above should the critical value be changed for a one or two-tailed test? Thank you. Jose, I believe that the table is for a two-tailed test. I am examining whether two sets of samples are drawn from the same population, neither is expected to have a normal distribution. I set everything up to do the Two-sample KS test, which worked fine — but then realised that since one sample has a few hundred samples n and the other has tens of thousands m , my Dmn is always going to be a tiny number and the null hypothesis is uniformly rejected.

Find Critical Value of t for Two Tailed t-Test

Need a hand? All the help you want just a few clicks away. The type of alternative hypothesis Ha defines if a test is one-tailed or two-tailed. For example, suppose we wish to compare the averages of two samples A and B. Before setting up the experiment and running the test, we expect that if a difference between the two averages is highlighted, we do not really know whether A would be higher than B or the opposite. A One-tailed test is associated to an alternative hypothesis for which the sign of the potential difference is known before running the experiment and the test.

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In hypothesis testing, a critical value is a point on the test distribution that is compared to the test statistic to determine whether to reject the null hypothesis. If the absolute value of your test statistic is greater than the critical value, you can declare statistical significance and reject the null hypothesis. Figure A shows that results of a one-tailed Z-test are significant if the test statistic is equal to or greater than 1. Figure B shows that results of a two-tailed Z-test are significant if the absolute value of the test statistic is equal to or greater than 1. In hypothesis testing, there are two ways to determine whether there is enough evidence from the sample to reject H 0 or to fail to reject H 0. However, you can also compare the calculated value of the test statistic with the critical value.

T-distribution: What it is and how to use it

When you conduct a test of statistical significance, whether it is from a correlation, an ANOVA, a regression or some other kind of test, you are given a p-value somewhere in the output. If your test statistic is symmetrically distributed, you can select one of three alternative hypotheses. Two of these correspond to one-tailed tests and one corresponds to a two-tailed test. However, the p-value presented is almost always for a two-tailed test.

In probability and statistics , Student's t -distribution or simply the t -distribution is any member of a family of continuous probability distributions that arise when estimating the mean of a normally -distributed population in situations where the sample size is small and the population's standard deviation is unknown. The t -distribution plays a role in a number of widely used statistical analyses, including Student's t -test for assessing the statistical significance of the difference between two sample means, the construction of confidence intervals for the difference between two population means, and in linear regression analysis. The Student's t -distribution also arises in the Bayesian analysis of data from a normal family. In this way, the t -distribution can be used to construct a confidence interval for the true mean.

One-Sample Kolmogorov-Smirnov Table

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Frequently asked questions about the t-distribution

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TABLES. Cumulative normal distribution. Critical values of the t distribution Two-tailed test: 10%. 5%. 2%. 1%. %. % freedom. One-tailed test: 5%. ​%.

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(negative) a/2 a/2. Two tails. TABLE A-3 t Distribution: Critical t Values. Area in One Tail. Degrees of. Area in Two Tails. Freedom.