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coding and decoding new pattern pdf

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Published: 26.04.2021

Since last year, there are some changes amended in the pattern of coding and decoding questions in the bank exams. The reasoning section is the easiest section of any bank exam and coding-decoding is one important topic of this section.

To take in this, recall an alternate route for the situation of letters. Relating letter of each letter i. Type 1: Letter Coding.

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Dear aspirants, here we are to provide study material pdf having coding decoding questions for banking exams. In recent days, huge numbers of eligible candidates are tirelessly expertizing their selves to crack competitive exams like bank, insurance, and so on. For that choosing, the best study material and practice questions pdf are more vital for getting success in their respective exams. Aspirants must be aware of the quality of the questions while choosing exercise questions pdf. Logical reasoning is one of the sections in all banking exams. In the logical reasoning section, coding and decoding questions will be present in 2 or 3 numbers. Coding decoding reasoning questions are one of the high scoring part in the reasoning section.

Directions: Read the following information carefully and answer the questions given beside. The below mentioned table represents some words and their codes. The codes are assigned on the basis of some pattern. You have to mark the column name as your answer in which the code for the asked word lies. The words are to be coded in the same manner which is followed by the codes mentioned in the above table. Common Explanation: Reference:. Inference: Let us analyze the logic behind the codes asssigned to the above mentioned words.

Today we are sharing with coding decoding questions PDF. This topic is very important for every exam. This is a part of Logical Reasoning. A set of 5 questions are asked in Bank exams. Those who are not aware of this topic read completely the article. We are sharing how to solve the question of the topic. To solve the questions we need to learn the place value and the opposites of the letters of the English alphabets.

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In the banking exams, we have seen some major changes in the pattern of Coding-Decoding questions since last year. To help you all prepare for this, we are now going to share some important tips and approach for Coding-Decoding questions based on the new pattern. None of these 3. None of these How to Solve this Coding-Decoding: Here are some points to keep in minds when we solve these kinds of questions-. As we can see that this word is not given in any steps but so we can solve it. Step I: first we will count the letters of that word that is 9, then we put digit 9 at the right end.

Coding decoding new pattern questions pdf free download. Click here to Join Telegram. So, in this article, we are sharing some expected coding-decoding questions for Bank exams. Coding Decoding topic is one of the most important topics of elcovskaya. In the logical reasoning section, coding and decoding questions will be present in 2 or 3 numbers.

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New Pattern Coding Decoding Questions PDF IBPS PO and SBI PO , NRA CET | Coding Decoding Quiz No 48 at Smartkeeda.

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This PDF includes the best coding-decoding query that is very useful for prelims and mains exams. Coding decoding questions generally asked in bank and insurance examinations for 4 to 5 marks in the prelims and mains, which are mainly easy to moderate. This type of question requires only one technique to answer, which is just your observation skills. This type of question could make you score well in your exam. Download Now.

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Reasoning New Pattern Coding-Decoding

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For that, we have composed a new pattern coding decoding pdf having all types of coding decoding questions. So aspirants who are preparing for bank exams.

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Download free coding decoding new pattern questions pdf.