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what is orientation service in guidance and counselling pdf

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Understanding Counseling Assessment. It provides for the integration of guidance and counselling services into a comprehensive model that crosses the curricula to address … appraisal process aligned with the appropriate role of the school counselor The guidance and counselling process aims to help students to grow in self knowledge and self-esteem by helping them

In the same vein, Nwachukwu noted that if the educational system must succeed, then the place of guidance and counselling services should not be overlooked. It can help the pupils who work, earn and learn. Guidance Services by: Lera Mie Ramirez 2.

Basic Guidance Services

Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. Remedial and Enrichment Services Practical measures are adapted to identify the need for remedial or enrichment opportunities such as: Provision of counseling session Coordinating and interpreting test results Following up academic preferences Provision of consultation between parents and administrators, teachers, and students PowerPoint Presentation: C. Counseling service F.

After completing the orientation requirement, students will…. Our Goals:. Orientation Services provides information and support to build an identity as a life-long learner. Orientation Services provides opportunities for social integration and community engagement. Orientation Services empowers students to be active and aware community members.

Guidance Counseling

It offers them information on Degree Courses and advice on an individual or group level, and in two months of the year, holds an Open Day, where high school students, along with their parents and teachers can participate in lessons and receive guidance on their future university careers. Individual Educational guidance - First University Choice Orientation The First Choice University Orientation is provided to individual high school-leavers who have no experience of university life. It aims to introduce these students to the university world and to its modern e-learning methods, to help them adopt the best way to approach their university career, and encourage them to make appropriate choices of the study programme best suited to them. Individual Educational guidance - Second University Choice Orientation The Second University Choice Orientation is addressed to individual students who have already obtained a first-cycle degree and who intend to continue their studies by enrolling in a second-cycle specialization degree course, and also to those who have completed specialization degrees and wish to take a further degree. These individual University Choice Orientation sessions are held on the specific request of the person concerned, who can reserve a free consultation with a Unicusano expert in the field and receive guidance on the best way to continue their university education. For further information or to book a free consultation, write to This email address is being protected from spambots.

Individual Inventory Service IIS This service pertains to the activity of gathering data about the students to enable the counselors, professors and administrators to understand the student better before counseling is conducted. It is a cumulative record of personal, family and educational data from birth to present. Psychological tests are also used as tools in counseling students. Follow-up Service FS Follow up sessions are conducted among students who are counseled, referred by faculty, administrators and other university staff. Career Development and Placement Service CDPS This service takes care of assisting students in their career decision-making from knowing their abilities and potential, providing them information regarding the university course offerings and requirements, information on job trends, job referrals and employment opportunities. Information Service IS This service makes available to students certain kinds of information not ordinarily provided through classroom instruction. It enables the counselor to give important facts concerning personal, social and educational adjustment.

Overview of information, guidance and counselling services. 7. A. Education and training systems. 7 i. The specific features of Luxembourg education. 7 ii.

About Orientation Services

To provide comprehensive guidance programs and services that will equip the students with the necessary knowledge, attitude and skills to become mature and socially responsible individuals who will promote a just and humane society. Guidance Mission Statement. The Guidance Center is a service unit of Universidad de Sta. Isabel designed to assist the holistic formation imbued with Vincentian values.

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It first presents criteria for exemplary guidance programs, which form the basis for the evaluation.