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Frederic C.

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D uring the Renaissance, the European economy grew dramatically, particularly in the area of trade. Developments such as population growth, improvements in banking, expanding trade routes, and new manufacturing systems led to an overall increase in commercial activity. The changes affected many aspects of European society, forcing people to adapt to different kinds of work and new ways of doing business with others. Towns and cities did not become significant centers of production until the late Middle Ages , but after that time their economic importance increased rapidly. During the Middle Ages most peasants were serfs, individuals tied by law to the land they worked. By the late s, however, serfdom was declining throughout Europe and peasants were freer to move about and to rent farms for themselves.

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Economic history of Venice

Robert S. Lopez, Frederic C. Lane and Reinhold C. Money and Banking in Medieval and Renaissance Venice. Volume 1, Coins and Moneys of Account.

Reinhold C. From now on, Professor Mueller's long-awaited study will form the basis for every serious discussion of banking, foreign exchange and the public debt in Venice between and It completes a massive two-volume history of money and banking in late medieval and Renaissance Venice, begun in with the late Frederic Lane, who co-authored Coins and Moneys of Account The Venetian sources range from commercial lawsuits, estate papers, account books, to petitions, whilst there are Mueller's substantial investigations in the Datini archive at Prato and documents found as far apart as Minnesota and St Petersburg p. The Venetian Money Market is divided into five sections. Part I is dedicated to the institutional side of the local deposit and transfer banks of the Rialto; the origins and nature of deposit banking, forms of business organization and liability.

Money and banking in medieval and Renaissance Venice

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Money and Banking in Medieval and Renaissance Venice: Volume I: Coins and Moneys of Account

Venice , which is situated at the far end of the Adriatic Sea , was once the richest and most powerful centre of Europe for hundreds of years. The reason being that it gained large scale profit of the adjacent middle European markets. Venice was the major centre of trade with the Arabs and indirectly the Indians in the Middle Ages. It also served as origin of the economic development and integration for the rest of Europe during the Middle Ages. The Venetian might reached its peaked during the 15th century when they monopolized the spice trade from India through the Arabs using exclusive trade agreements. This prompted the Spanish and the Portuguese to embark on the search for the new route to India, leading to the discovery of Americas and the start of the Modern Age.

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Icon for page image monograph. HEB book cover. Money and banking in medieval and Renaissance Venice. Lane, Frederic Chapin, ; Mueller, Reinhold C.

Money and banking in medieval and Renaissance Venice


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