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This one-day event will cover many of the major global supply chain challenges that exist in the During this process, digitizing supply-chain management improves the speed, accuracy, and flexibility of supply-risk management. By building and reinforcing a single source of truth, a digitized supply chain strengthens capabilities in anticipating risk, achieving greater visibility and coordination across the supply chain, and managing issues

01 - Integrated logistics, procurement, materials management and production

Understanding the difference between procurement and supply chain management is crucial, as these terms are not interchangeable but they often get mixed up. Procurement is the process of acquiring the goods your company needs for its business model. Supply chain management is the process of turning those goods into products and distributing them to customers as efficiently as possible.

Procurement is the process of finding and acquiring the goods and services your company needs to fulfill its business model. In order for a company to make a profit, the cost of procuring goods must be less than the amount it can sell the goods for, minus whatever costs are associated with processing and selling them.

Hence, the goal of procurement is to ensure that the company i. Here are some of the tasks involved in the procurement process :. Companies will typically choose to appoint a procurement manager or even a procurement team to oversee the function of procurement. Whereas other companies particularly software companies will often assign procurement responsibilities to an office manager or operations manager.

A supply chain is the network of entities, people, information, resources, and functions that produces a specific product and distributes it to the final buyer. Supply chains can also include the tasks and functions that contribute to moving that product, such as quality control, market research, procurement, strategic sourcing, operations, distribution, finance, and customer service. So, if a supply chain is the network of manufacturers, suppliers and logistics providers needed to get a specific product to your business and its customers, then what is supply chain management SCM?

At its core, supply chain management is the act of overseeing a supply chain to improve the flow of goods and services and transform raw materials into products for the end buyer. The latter is a significant issue faced by many organizations today. While there is a direct relationship between procurement and supply chain management, the two functions are not interchangeable.

Procurement is the process of getting the goods and materials your company needs, while supply chain management is the process of transforming those goods into products and distributing them to customers as efficiently as possible.

Understanding the difference will help you better leverage the efficiencies and benefits that procurement and supply chain management can bring to your organization.

Procurify helps organizations regain control of their spending with cloud-based procurement software that integrates perfectly with any accounting system. Procurement is the raw first step that collects all the material required to start a production! So I was looking for some basic information, and luckily I found it here. Just started reading about this field in preparing to pursue a programme towards changing my job. Thanks so much. There is an unmistakable distinction among obtainment and inventory network the executives.

In the general production network process, acquisition stops once your organization has ownership of the merchandise. There is a distinct difference between procurement and supply chain management. In the overall supply chain process, procurement stops once your company has possession of the goods. I am a Student pursuing a degree in Supply Chain,I take this to be key to my career,thanks for this summary,it has answered alot of questions at once.

A warehouse is a commercial building for storage of goods while an inventory is a complete list of items such as property, goods in stock, or the contents of a building. In supply chain definition, again procurement is included in the activities. How does it differ? A supply chain is a system of organizations, people, activities, information, and resources involved in moving a product or service from supplier to customer while procument is the act for sourcing raw materials from suppliers worldwide and bringing them into the organisation to enable the production of goods for customers.

If possible, I want you to explain about it too. Thanks in advance.!!! Now learning about procurement and supply management. This information is definitely useful. In some of the projects I have been involved in the definition is not quite as clear, it may involve many part of the organisation to work together to build the requirement which then gets procured usually at a firm price but still involve the project management parts of the organisation to oversee and manage dependencies, and ensure that the supplier delivers on their project milestones and final deliverable.

In this case I would argue its more supply chain management than just procurement even though the final outcome has been defined similar to just procuring a product or service.

Thank you …. You need to choose between the functions of SCM mentioned, regardless of what you select, you are selecting SCM in a broader aspect. The only clarity truly needed is that Procurement is a function of Supply Chain Management and NOT Finance…in many organizations procurement still rolls up to the finance function and this may never change. This is mostly due to many organizations not investing into SCM specific departments, however, this should not be confused with procurement being a function of Finance..

Agree with Andreas! Procurement should roll up to SCM for most organizations. Many mature companies eventually adopt a hybrid reporting model where procurement reports to a functional department head while passing their data to ops or finance. We cannot say that one is good. Without procurement, the supply chain will not exist. The purpose of a business is to create wealth for the owner.

A company can only create wealth by creating a customer base and out competing its competitors in an industry.

Considering this, the concept of supply chain management becomes a better approach as every company must ensure timely delivery of products to ensure customer satisfaction and maintain customer loyalty. Consider a simple supply chain of raw material supplier, manufacturer, distributor, retailer and consumer, say for apple juice.

We will have the apple farm raw material supplier , the apple juice manufacturing company Manufacturer , a distributing company distributor , and a retailer with the consumers at the very end of the chain. The procurement function runs along the chain to get it to function.

Remember that the juice manufacturer has to enter into a contract with the apple farm to acquire raw material apples , the same is done between the manufacturer and distributor and between the distributor and retailer who finally sells to the consumer. The consumer could also be an organization buying apple juices to serve at a workshop for its employees. Here, all of the contracts signed to move the raw materials to the manufacturer, to distributor and to retailer who then delivers to the market are made possible by procurement.

The procurement function is therefore at every level of the Supply Chain to get the supply chain functioning. Without procurement, there will be no supply chain.

The two are different concepts, but Procurement is a subset of Supply Chain Management. Table of Contents What is Procurement? What is a Supply Chain? What is Supply Chain Management? What is Procurement? Who Oversees Procurement? What do you think? Leave a Comment. Please help me understand the difference. Hey Waseem, Supply chain encompasses procurement but includes other activities as well Logistics. Thanks Errol! Make sure to subscribe to our newsletter for more educational content.

Good luck with your studies.

Manual: The Logistics Handbook

Here are three supply chain certifications that will help you. You may need to access the Internet and enter a URL to locate any video clips. The impacts of technology on supply chain management, including the Internet, bar code technology and radio frequency identification RFID , is. This case study tells how Weatherford Farms increased efficiency in its delivery network by switching from manual routing to an automated routing system. This is a great book. Supply chain management: the Walmart way. Walmart Inc.

The development and implementation of strategic on acquisition of all materials, goods, equipment and services has become a critical issue in all organizations wishing to reduce operating cost while improving quality and productivity. This course will introduce participants to the fundamental aspects of the supply chain environment, including enterprise resource planning systems and requirement systems. The interrelationships between purchasing, vendor selection, sources of supply, and technology will also be explored in this program. The focus is on management and the skills and resources for a successful manager. Upon completion of this training course, participants will be able to:. This program is intended for anyone currently working in, or planning to work in, procurement management, supply management, a purchasing department, or any other area involved with procurement or supply. Course Outline.

Strategic Procurement Management for Competitive Oxford University press. Van Weele, A.J (), Purchasing and Supply Chain.

Procurement and logistics

Integrated logistics, procurement, materials management and production 2. Material inventory and material requirements in the enterprise 3. Strategic procurement International Supply Chain Management 4. Management of procurement and purchasing 5.

The overriding philosophy which agitated the study on this particular organization for the study was because the company in question invariably purchases high volume of goods and services both locally and internationally, an attribute that gave the researcher a broad perspective of examining the degree of strategic procurement in the company. Over the years, the procurement function has remained passive in regard to the acquisition of high value goods and services, an attribute that cause long lead times and also high costs of purchased goods. The study sought to obtain more literature pertaining issues on strategic procurement and the researcher came up with conceptual framework based on how different variables affect the organizations performance. In gathering out the data descriptive research method was used.

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The Difference Between Procurement and Supply Chain Management

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01 - Integrated logistics, procurement, materials management and production

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In commerce , supply chain management SCM , the management of the flow of goods and services, [2] involves the movement and storage of raw materials , of work-in-process inventory , and of finished goods as well as end to end order fulfilment from point of origin to point of consumption.

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PDF | On Feb 1, , Andrzej Szymonik published Logistics and Supply Chain Management | Find, procurement, warehousing and inventory management;.

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The evolution and future of logistics and supply chain management.