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advantages and disadvantages of client server architecture pdf

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This chapter defines application architecture and describes how an Oracle database and database applications work in a distributed processing environment.

Client Server Architecture is a computing model in which the server hosts, delivers and manages most of the resources and services to be consumed by the client. This type of architecture has one or more client computers connected to a central server over a network or internet connection. This system shares computing resources. Client Server Architecture Figure 1.

Client and Server model

What are the advantages and disadvantages of client-server ClientServerTechnology networking? Advantages of Client Server Networks over Peer to Peer Networks 1 Centralization :Unlike P2P, where there is no central administration, here in this architecture there is a centralized control. Servers help in administering the whole setup. Access rights and resource allocation is done by Servers. In this way, management of les becomes easy. Also it becomes easier to nd les. Also, in case of some break-down if data is lost, it can be recovered easily and ef ciently.

A client is a program that runs on the local machine requesting service from the server. A client program is a finite program means that the service started by the user and terminates when the service is completed. A server is a program that runs on the remote machine providing services to the clients. When the client requests for a service, then the server opens the door for the incoming requests, but it never initiates the service. A server program is an infinite program means that when it starts, it runs infinitely unless the problem arises. The server waits for the incoming requests from the clients.

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Definition — Client server network is such model where one side server machine delivers the various services to other side client machine for grabbing those services. When client sends the requests for grabbing many services, then server terminal is getting to open the window for incoming all requests. Server is also capable to perform all types of massive operations such as security and network management. Server has right to handle all types of network resources like as files, folders, directories, various applications, and other shared terminals such as printer etc. If, anytime any client wants to need those services, then it firstly takes all permissions from server side through sending request. This type of Server is capable to deliver several services for various client machines not for specific one client.

What is Client Server Network? Advantages, Disadvantages, Examples

Client-Server Architecture Search this site. Advantages of Client-Server Architecture:. Improved Data Sharing:. Data is retained by usual business processes and manipulated on a server is available for designated users clients over an authorized access.

Client-server denotes a relationship between cooperating programs in an application, composed of clients initiating requests for services and servers providing that function or service. The client-server model, or client-server architecture, is a distributed application framework dividing tasks between servers and clients, which either reside in the same system or communicate through a computer network or the Internet. The client relies on sending a request to another program in order to access a service made available by a server.

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Client Server Architecture

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Client Server Computing