Introduction To The Algae Structure And Reproduction Pdf

introduction to the algae structure and reproduction pdf

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Green algae exhibit a wide variety of thallus forms, ranging from single cells to filaments to parenchymatous thalli.

According to one school of thought they are evolved from the green Thallophyta the algae; and according to the other school they have been descended from the pteridophytes. This hypothesis was supported by Lignier , Bower , Fritsch and Smith etc. Find out some really interesting uses of algae, by going through this article.

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Introduction to the algae: structure and reproduction

Algae , singular alga , members of a group of predominantly aquatic photosynthetic organisms of the kingdom Protista. Algae have many types of life cycles, and they range in size from microscopic Micromonas species to giant kelps that reach 60 metres feet in length. Their photosynthetic pigments are more varied than those of plants , and their cells have features not found among plants and animals. In addition to their ecological roles as oxygen producers and as the food base for almost all aquatic life, algae are economically important as a source of crude oil and as sources of food and a number of pharmaceutical and industrial products for humans. The taxonomy of algae is contentious and subject to rapid change as new molecular information is discovered. The study of algae is called phycology , and a person who studies algae is a phycologist. In this article the algae are defined as eukaryotic nucleus-bearing organisms that photosynthesize but lack the specialized multicellular reproductive structures of plants, which always contain fertile gamete -producing cells surrounded by sterile cells.

Chara is a genus of charophyte green algae in the family Characeae. They are multicellular and superficially resemble land plants because of stem -like and leaf -like structures. They are found in freshwater, particularly in limestone areas throughout the northern temperate zone, where they grow submerged, attached to the muddy bottom. They prefer less oxygenated and hard water and are not found in waters where mosquito larvae are present. Cyanobacteria have been found growing as epiphytes on the surfaces of Chara , where they may be involved in fixing nitrogen , which is important to plant nutrition.

the structure and reproduction of the algae

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Very comprehensive text for physiology (algae) and/or limnology (freshwater biology) courses at the junior/senior/grad level.

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The land plants, or embryophytes , are thought to have emerged from the charophytes. However, because the embryophytes are traditionally classified as neither algae nor green algae, green algae are a paraphyletic group. Since the realization that the embryophytes emerged from within the green algae, some authors are starting to include them. The green algae include unicellular and colonial flagellates , most with two flagella per cell, as well as various colonial, coccoid and filamentous forms, and macroscopic, multicellular seaweeds. There are about 22, species of green algae.

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Introduction to the algae : structure and reproduction

Algae singular:alga are eukaryotes "true-nucleus". An informal grouping of primitive, mainly aquatic plants that possesses chlorophyll a as their primary photosynthetic pigment and can manufacture their own food through the process of photosynthesis. Plant body thallus do not have true roots, stems, leaves, vascular tissue and have simple reproductive structures. They never produce multicellular embryos inside the female reproductive organ. There are unicellular e. The study of algae is termed phycology or algology, and one who studies algae is known as a phycologist. In American biologist R.

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Introduction to the Algae: Structure and Reproduction. Harold C. Bold, Michael J. Wynne. Clinton J. Dawes. Clinton J. Dawes. Search for more articles by this.

A Textbook on Algae

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