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what is the relationship between culture and education pdf

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Culture and education are so interconnected that a issue of the journal Paedagogica Historica described the relationship as being similar to that of "the chicken and the egg. Disagreements about what culture and education even mean make the question hard to answer.

Culture and Education

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. DOI: The author reviews the primary frameworks through which North American sociologists have conceived of the relation between formal education and culture and explains how sociologists' preponderant conception of formal schooling as an individual-level phenomenon and a metrical quantity has come to constrain intellectual progress in much of the subfield. The author offers two analytic strategies that might help loosen this constraint. View on SAGE.

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Education Details: of culture and the role played by education in the socialization and the acculturation of an. Education Details: The cultural side of this result can be understood by the 5th Dimension of culture LTO:: the strong emphasis on education as obligation to parents and society. How can teachers promote cultural infusion in the classroom? Culturally Responsive Education. Culturally Responsive Education Recognizes and Addresses : 1.

The Link Between Culture and Education

Education and culture are closely related to each other. In this globalisation era, society becomes more multicultural than ever before and education system are challenged with the issues of cultural diversity of students in a schooling context. For example,. One area of cultural research is with regard to personal and cultural identity and how this influences outdoor education experiences. This at least indicates a need for further work in understanding how culture and cultural identity interacts with outdoor education experiences. Purdie and Neill also reported on difficulties experienced by Japanese students in an Australian-based outdoor education program e. Such observations are consistent with broad cultural and psychological research which suggests that cultural and personal identities are a powerful filter through which individual experiences are interpreted.

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Culture and education are so interconnected that a issue of the journal Paedagogica Historica described the relationship as being similar to that of "the chicken and the egg. Disagreements about what culture and education even mean make the question hard to answer. However, we do know some things about how culture and education affect each other. The word culture can refer to everything from bacterial cultures to being educated and knowledgeable. However, the most common definition of culture, and the one that tends to come up when discussing education, is the shared beliefs, values and practices of a group of people.

It can be stated that education and culture are mutually interdependent, complementary and supplementary in all their aspects and activities. Educational and cultural aspects are imparted to individuals through their families, communities and the educational institutions.

Culture and Education

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The impact of culture on education

Culture, Curriculum, and Identity in Education

Culture can be defined as a social heritage of an organized community or society which is a pattern of responses that have been discovered and invented when the group has interacted which is a combination of beliefs, customs, religions, and arts while education is the process of imparting knowledge or acquiring knowledge. Cultures can potentially have a great impact on education as well as education has also an impact of cultures of a society. The society at large have a wide range of culture that exists with them this is because a larger society is composed of very many small societies with different culture. Stability of the culture will depend on how similar the society is.

Culture, Curriculum, and Identity in Education pp Cite as. T his book is about the intersections of culture, curriculum, and identity in education. Individuals and groups of people operate in and through cultural frames of reference and in and through social contexts.


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In this chapter, I will explore the complex relationship between culture and education. First, I will define culture through a number of interrelated characteristics.