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The villagers of a small town gather together in the square on June 27, a beautiful day, for the town lottery. In other towns, the lottery takes longer, but there are only people in this village, so the lottery takes only two hours.

The lottery and other stories

The villagers of a small town gather together in the square on June 27, a beautiful day, for the town lottery. In other towns, the lottery takes longer, but there are only people in this village, so the lottery takes only two hours. Village children, who have just finished school for the summer, run around collecting stones.

They put the stones in their pockets and make a pile in the square. Men gather next, followed by the women. Parents call their children over, and families stand together. Summers runs the lottery because he has a lot of time to do things for the village. He arrives in the square with the black box, followed by Mr. Graves, the postmaster. Summers always suggests that they make a new box because the current one is shabby, but no one wants to fool around with tradition.

Summers did, however, convince the villagers to replace the traditional wood chips with slips of paper. Summers mixes up the slips of paper in the box. He and Mr. Graves made the papers the night before and then locked up the box at Mr. Before the lottery can begin, they make a list of all the families and households in the village.

Summers is sworn in. Some people remember that in the past there used to be a song and salute, but these have been lost. Tessie Hutchinson joins the crowd, flustered because she had forgotten that today was the day of the lottery. She joins her husband and children at the front of the crowd, and people joke about her late arrival. Summers asks who will draw for Dunbar, and Mrs. Summers asks whether the Watson boy will draw, and he answers that he will. Summers then asks to make sure that Old Man Warner is there too.

No one should look at the paper until everyone has drawn. He calls all the names, greeting each person as they come up to draw a paper. Adams tells Old Man Warner that people in the north village might stop the lottery, and Old Man Warner ridicules young people. He says that giving up the lottery could lead to a return to living in caves.

Summers finishes calling names, and everyone opens his or her papers. Summers asks how many kids Bill has, and he answers that he has three. Graves dumps the papers out of the box onto the ground and then puts five papers in for the Hutchinsons.

As Mr. Summers calls their names, each member of the family comes up and draws a paper. When they open their slips, they find that Tessie has drawn the paper with the black dot on it.

Summers instructs everyone to hurry up. The villagers grab stones and run toward Tessie, who stands in a clearing in the middle of the crowd. Everyone begins throwing stones at her. Themes Motifs Symbols. Summers Bill Hutchinson Mr. Harry Graves. Summary Plot Overview. Next section Specific Details.

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Shirley Jackson

Since the opposite of what is expected happens, what specific type of irony is being used? The Lottery and Other Stories study guide contains a biography of author Shirley Jackson, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Readers were furious, disgusted, occasionally curious, and almost uniformly bewildered. Tessie draws the paper with the black mark on it and is stoned to death. Part 2 of the film Very disturbing. We go from reading about a small village on a sunny summer day to witnessing the villagers execute a member of their own community, all without the slightest change in tone form the author. Charles was written by Shirley Jackson in

Created by the original team behind SparkNotes, LitCharts are the world's best literature guides. Banned in the Union of South Africa. The Lottery. Plot Summary. Janey Dunbar Jack Watson. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does.

In this volume Joyce Carol Oates, our leading practitioner of the contemporary Gothic, presents the essential works of Shirley Jackson, the novels and stories that, from the early s through the mids, wittily remade the genre of psychological horror for an alienated, postwar America. She teaches fiction writing at Princeton University. This Library of America series edition is printed on acid-free paper and features Smyth-sewn binding, a full cloth cover, and a ribbon marker. This volume is available for adoption in the Guardian of American Letters Fund. Subscribers can purchase the slipcased edition by signing in to their accounts. Discount offer available for first-time customers only. With contributions from donors, Library of America preserves and celebrates a vital part of our cultural heritage for generations to come.

Analysis and interpretation of Shirley Jackson`s The Lottery

This article will be permanently flagged as inappropriate and made unaccessible to everyone. Are you certain this article is inappropriate? Email Address:. She was a popular writer in her time, and her work has received increased attention from literary critics in recent years.

Never has there been a story that impacted the world without shocking it first. Shirley Jackson wrote just such a creation that had the world cry out in outrage - AND is as relevant for my personal daily perception of the world as hardly any other piece of literature that I know. Not only does it touch upon topics I care and think about a lot, but it has a very appealing undertone to me and is worthwhile being taken a closer look at. Throughout her life, Shirley Jackson struggled with a conflict between her dogged individuality and society's requirement to adhere to its norms and standards.

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