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robert triffin gold and the dollar crisis pdf

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The Global Domain of the Dollar: Eight Questions

It began its operations on 21st November, with the primary purpose of accompanying and supporting newly independent African countries. Read more Detailed record - Similar records. Idep hall. Search Tips :: Advanced Search. The region has witnessed a sizable gold rush comparable only to the California gold rush last century. The gold rush has spawned a powerful informal mining sector and has attracted many people - some who have come to the region in search of wealth [ It notes that the country's economy is projected to average 4.

Cotton and gold will remain as the major contributors of Mali's economy [ It also examines the role of the official exchange rate in the country and concludes that the official exchange rate vis-a-vis convertible c [ The Anatomy of a multiple crisis: why was Argentina special and what can we learn from it? The authors provide an encompassing assessment of the role of these and other ingredients in the recent macroeconomic collapse.

They show that in the final years of convertibility, Argen [ This paper develops estimates of Soviet gross national product GNP in rubles for the s and in dollars for selected years in the s. The paper also considers alternative ways for converting the GNP estimates in rubles to U.

Anecdotal evidence suggests that emigrants may have over-optimistic expectations about the incomes they can earn abroad, resulting in excessive migration pressure, and in disappointment among those who do migrate. Yet there is almost no statistical evidenc [ University of Warwick; - 36p. Dollar seeks to explain this apparent anomaly. Between the s and s Vietnam carried out significant economic reforms, notably stabilization, the introduction of positive real interest rates, trade liberalization, and initial property rights reform [ The paper does not attempt to summarize the specific content of that meeting but provides the author's personal conclusions about crisis prevention and management.

The first part of th [ In the terminology of the International Monetary Fund, "conditionality" refers to the policies the Fund expects a member to follow in order to be able to avail itself of credit from the Fund Gold, Over the years, major changes in the landscape surrounding the Fund and in the situation of its members have brought about important changes in t [ The author reviews the debate on the causes of Argentina's economic collapse in late and and examines the measures needed to help restore sustainable growth.

Some analysts stress fiscal imbalances, others overvaluation of the peso under the convertibility plan, and others external shocks. Cline judges that all three contributed substantia [

IMF Staff papers : Volume 9 No. 3

This well-written contribution offers a new approach to international currencies with conclusions that extend beyond the yen, writes Oscar Ugarteche , and will be useful for students of international finance, analysts who delve into international currencies and financial managers. Edward Elgar. In Managing Currency Risk , Takatoshi Ito and a team of collaborative scholars, Satoshi Koibuchi, Kiyotaka Sato, Junko Shimizu and Edith Cowan, have returned with a brilliant new piece of research on how international currencies get defined and used. These scholars have delved into the issues surrounding international currencies since the creation of the Asian Currency Unit Eiji Ogawa and Ito, The questions of how an international currency is defined and exists and how it can lose its status have been a matter of preoccupation for decades. Prates, , there remains the question of why the US dollar appears to be virtually the only international currency. The initial preoccupations of Ito et al with the unstable currency system were shown through their design of the Asian Currency Unit in

The selected references presented in this bibliography cover books, pamphlets, reports, and periodical articles which describe the functions, organization, and activities of the International Monetary Fund. Publications on the various aspects of international economics are included only when they contain material relating specifically to the Fund. This is a continuation of the bibliographies published in Staff Papers , Vol. I, No. Ill, No. IV, No. VI, No.

Triffin, Robert. Gold and the dollar crisis. (Essays in international finance ; no. ISSN X). Bibliography: p.

Triffin dilemma

The Triffin dilemma or Triffin paradox is the conflict of economic interests that arises between short-term domestic and long-term international objectives for countries whose currencies serve as global reserve currencies. This dilemma was identified in the s by Belgian - American economist Robert Triffin , [1] who pointed out that the country whose currency, being the global reserve currency, foreign nations wish to hold, must be willing to supply the world with an extra supply of its currency to fulfill world demand for these foreign exchange reserves , thus leading to a trade deficit. The use of a national currency, such as the U. This is reflected in fundamental imbalances in the balance of payments , specifically the current account , as some goals require an outflow of dollars from the United States, while others require an overall inflow.

The rest of the world denominates much debt in U. In addition, in outstanding foreign exchange deals, the rest of the world has undertaken to pay still more in U. Consistent with the scale of dollar debt, most of the world economic activity takes place in countries with currencies tied to or relatively stable against the dollar, forming a dollar zone much larger than the euro zone. Even though the dollar assets of the world minus the United States exceed dollar liabilities, corporate sector dollar debts seem to make dollar appreciation akin to a global tightening of credit.

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Pre–World War I

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