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Some of which are like firecrackers in a rope.

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One act plays by Tennessee Williams

Some of which are like firecrackers in a rope. I knew that Tennessee Williams lived there and I had decided, in high school, that one day I would live there, too. Some fifty-plus years later I do. The house he lived in is a five-minute bike ride from mine. And now I sit contemplating some fifteen plays previously unknown to me—seven never before published and the rest not always easy to find—and wondering what I should tell you about them.

Perhaps he would not be pleased at their publication. These short plays do not always represent him at his considerable best. As a writer, I get that. A reputation is at stake. But as a playwright who reveres his work, I am overjoyed at their arrival on my desk. Artists, especially esteemed ones like Tennessee Williams, leave behind a more or less official canon of work.

There are the universally recognized masterpieces— The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire —that are produced annually as part of the core repertory of the American Theater, taught in universities and read by people who have never been inside a theater.

There are the plays jockeying for their position in the Williams hierarchy— Cat on a Hot Tin Roof , Sweet Bird of Youth , and The Night of The Iguana —plays still waiting for the definitive production or radical re-interpretation that will reveal them as the equals of Menagerie or Streetcar.

There are the plays we are always intrigued to see in revival, knowing they may never achieve the popularity of the better-known titles— Summer and Smoke , The Rose Tattoo , Camino Real , and Orpheus Descending —plays we are always grateful to see and grow frustrated waiting to see again. Written between , when he was a student in St.

Louis just beginning to write plays, and , three years before his death, when his fall from critical grace seemed all but complete, these fifteen short plays—some complete and begging for production while others are tantalizing fragments of what might have been or misfires that are sui-generis , but all authentic Williams nevertheless—are invaluable.

Even if they add nothing to his reputation, they add to our knowledge of this fascinating chameleon of a playwright. Any new glimpse of Williams is one to be grateful for. Good plays are not that neat. But reading these plays of the very young Tennessee, then of the successful Tennessee Williams, and finally of the troubled man of the s he had become, we are offered a panoramic yet detailed view of the themes, the demons, and the wit of this iconic playwright.

But in this early version, Tom is the least interesting character in the quartet, easily upstaged by his own family and their visitor. There are traces of it, to be sure, in the plays written in the s but for the most part the dialogue is more workmanlike than inspired. And yet, in the stage directions, there are traces of the Williams who would soon stand up and take his place apart from the other Broadway playwrights he often set out to emulate.

Their suddenness amidst the ordinariness of the rest of the text is breathtaking. Almost every one of the plays from this period has a moment that is gloriously prescient of the artist to come. Reading these plays you will be present at the creation of a writer. Reading these plays, I was reminded how much time the young Williams, like Tom Wingfield, spent at the movies.

One could write a paper on the influence of Warner Bros. Fortunately, he grew out of them. The seeds for political commentary were always there but perhaps wisely Williams left the field to his peer, Arthur Miller. It is the three plays belonging to the s, and one from , that present the Williams we are most familiar with.

Pocciotti in The Dark Room The playwright is clearly in love with his fractured-English-speaking immigrant. She leaps off the page as swiftly and completely as she will in her full-length incarnation eleven years later. Williams enjoyed writing with famous actresses in mind. One wonders if Miss Hayes ever read it. In this play, the nameless Young Man is the harbinger of life.

These were surely puzzling, troubled times for him. As he sought to discover new styles to explore his familiar themes, the commercial theater began its inexorable abandonment of him as a moneymaker. Read thoughtfully, and not expecting another Streetcar , it is funny, shocking, and moving. The full-length Myrtle is even better. Clearly, Williams knew he was on to something when he expanded this first, short draft into a full evening.

What is different this time is a sense of theatrical adventure: he is taking risks with language, style, and structure. This is a bolder Williams striking out in a different direction than his audience had come to expect and demand of him.

The time had come to shake them off. It is a play written by a mature playwright who seems to have rediscovered the joy of writing for the theater. You can hear Williams having a good time! Some Problems for The Moose Lodge is my favorite play in the collection. Written three years before his death, when Williams was virtually forsaken by the theatrical establishment that had nourished him all those salad years ago, it is a play of immense sadness, utter chaos, and infinite compassion.

I will be surprised if this collection does not inspire subsequent productions. It would be a hard person who could resist him. This is a man who loved life despite everything. I wish I could pedal over and ask him if that was okay. I have a pretty strong feeling he would say yes, with a smile and a cackle, and head for the White Street Pier for his legendary daily swim.

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Said nothing. And I said nothing to him. I feel like our marriage is finished. He touched the maternal chord in me. I pity him still. Speaking of lies, this lie about my mother.

Think you know Tennessee Williams? Think again. It offers a new and expansive approach to the plays of Tennessee Williams for those who will shape his reputation in the future: up-and-coming directors, teachers, critics, scholars, designers, dramaturgs, producers, playwrights, and actors. The online symposium will hear witnesses to Festival performances offering reports, assessing meaning, and answering questions about what they saw. Scholars of historical censorship will provide context. They will be joined by practitioners and scholars from Brazil, Hungary, Turkey, and America. There will be six sessions, two hours each.


The Magic Tower and Other One-Act Plays (20 page)

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Vieux carre, p. Vieux Carre, p. Harris; all rights reserved.

Tennessee Williams: One Act Plays

One act plays by Tennessee Williams is a list of the one act play s written by American playwright Tennessee Williams. The page one-act was written in while Williams was a freshman at University of Missouri—Columbia and submitted to a contest run by the school's Dramatic Arts Club.

The Magic Tower and Other One-Act Plays

Some of which are like firecrackers on a rope. Front Cover. Tennessee Williams. New Directions Publishing, - Drama - pages. During the next two decades, his most productive period, one play Yet Arthur Miller himself wrote in The Theatre Essays of Tennessee Williams That shab but charming city became the setting for several stories and one-act plays, and A About. Southern Belles is the collective title for two rarely performed one-act plays Tennessee Williams about closet lesbians and openly gay men One-Act Play Contest Winners.

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The Magic Tower and Other One-Act Plays

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