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General Council of Trent, 1545-63 A.D.

The Council issued condemnations of what it defined to be heresies committed by proponents of Protestantism , and also issued key statements and clarifications of the Church's doctrine and teachings, including scripture , the Biblical canon , sacred tradition , original sin , justification , salvation , the sacraments , the Mass , and the veneration of saints. The consequences of the Council were also significant with regard to the Church's liturgy and practices. During its deliberations, the Council made the Vulgate the official example of the Biblical canon and commissioned the creation of a standard version, although this was not achieved until the s. These, in turn, led to the codification of the Tridentine Mass , which remained the Church's primary form of the Mass for the next four hundred years. More than three hundred years passed until the next ecumenical council, the First Vatican Council , was convened in

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Council of Trent. 1563

Council of Trent , 19th ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church , held in three parts from to Prompted by the Reformation , the Council of Trent was highly important for its sweeping decrees on self-reform and for its dogmatic definitions that clarified virtually every doctrine contested by the Protestants. Despite internal strife and two lengthy interruptions, the council was a key part of the Counter-Reformation and played a vital role in revitalizing the Roman Catholic Church in many parts of Europe. It was held in three parts over 18 years, from to It served to define Catholic doctrine and made sweeping decrees on self-reform, helping to revitalize the Roman Catholic Church in the face of Protestant expansion. What emerged from the Council of Trent was a chastened but consolidated church and papacy , the Roman Catholicism of modern history.

The Decrees and Canons of the Council of Trent are documents as valuable in a legal and historical, as in a religious point of view. Amid much that is purely Papal in its character, amid many avowed professions of unscriptuiral superstition, there is still much that is common to Reformed Churches, much that proves that "if there was a good deal of policy in the decisions of the Council of Trent, there was no want also of conscientious sincerity. Recent circumstances, doubtless fresh in the minds of my readers, render the publication of these documents in an English form highly expedient. While one class of persons have sought to explain away essential differences, and to invalidate the common belief regarding the errors of Rome, too many have likewise degenerated into the opposite extreme—have mistaken unqualified abuse of Rome for orthodox Christianity. Soon after its commencement, I learnt that Dr. Waterworth had anticipated me in my design; but, on obtaining his edition, I found that its price was a decided hindrance to its fitness for extensive circulation. Furthermore, the scriptural references were made with extreme inaccuracy, the oration delivered at the conclusion of the council was omitted, and the important appendix of additional statutes, embracing the condemnations of the early Reformers—passages most interesting to Protestants—is also wanting in his edition.

In further proposals for a council at Vicenza were frustrated by the unexpected indifference of the Emperor. In the Pope again convoked the Council, this time to Trent. After yet another postponement it eventually met on 13 Dec. At the outset it was a very small assembly, composed of 3 legates, 1 cardinal, 4 archbishops, 21 bishops, and 5 generals of orders. P eriod I —7; Sessions 1—8. As it was decided that voting should be by individual heads rather than as at Constance, by nations, the bishops from the Italian states had a preponderant influence on account of their numbers. The principal preliminary, whether the Council should first discuss dogma or disciplinary reform, was settled by the compromise that the subjects should be treated concurrently.

Canons and Decrees of the Council of Trent

Whereas there is, at this time, not without the shipwreck of many souls, and grievous detriment to the unity of the Church, a certain erroneous doctrine disseminated touching Justification; the sacred and holy, oecumenical and general Synod of Trent, lawfully assembled in the Holy Ghost,-the most reverend lords, Giammaria del Monte, bishop of Palaestrina, and Marcellus of the title of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, priest, cardinals of the holy Roman Church, and legates apostolic a latere, presiding therein, in the name of our most holy father and lord in Christ, Paul III. On the Inability of Nature and of the Law to justify man. The holy Synod declares first, that, for the correct and sound understanding of the doctrine of Justification, it is necessary that each one recognise and confess, that, whereas all men had lost their innocence in the prevarication of Adam-having become unclean, and, as the apostle says, by nature children of wrath, as this Synod has set forth in the decree on original sin,-they were so far the servants of sin, and under the power of the devil and of death, that not the Gentiles only by the force of nature, but not even the Jews by the very letter itself of the law of Moses, were able to be liberated, or to arise, therefrom; although free will, attenuated as it was in its powers, and bent down, was by no means extinguished in them. On the dispensation and mystery of Christ's advent. Whence it came to pass, that the heavenly Father, the father of mercies and the God of all comfort, when that blessed fulness of the time was come, sent unto men, Jesus Christ, His own Son-who had been, both before the Law, and during the time of the Law, to many of the holy fathers announced and promised-that He might both redeem the Jews who were under the Law, and that the Gentiles, who followed not after justice, might attain to justice, and that all men might receive the adoption of sons.

English Translation Waterworth, James. The canons promulgated in the Council of Trent are not merely man-made positive laws. Matrimonial causes included cases of separation of spouses and cases challenging the validity of a marriage. In both kinds of cases, the authority with competence is to determine the obligations that have arisen for the parties of the case.

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Council of Trent

The council's objective was the order and clarification of Catholic doctrine, and legislation for a thorough reform of the Church. On June 15, , Pope leo x had condemned 4l propositions from the writings of Martin luther. But this condemnation had, in many quarters, not been accepted or regarded as the final, irrevocable decision of the Church, because the impression persisted, partly under the influence of the conciliar theory and partly because of the memory of the councils of the early centuries of the Church, that the final decision on controversies concerning the faith accrued to an ecumenical council. Charles V and the Lutherans.

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Council of Trent

Period I: 1545–47

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SESSION THE FOURTH,. Celebrated on the eighth day of the month of April, DECREE CONCERNING THE CANONICAL SCRIPTURES. But if any one.