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Full color childrens storybook of Sina and the Eel. Detailed illustrations of Pacific Island fish, shells, flowers, wildlife, canoes and costumes. MoreFull color childrens storybook of Sina and the Eel. Thailand Check out these useful phrases to learn some conversational basics. Sina and Tinilau by Vilsoni Hereniko.

Sina and Tinilau Vilsoni Hereniko

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Samoan mythology Sina and the Eel

Sina was born long, long ago on the Samoan Island of Tutuila. She was a perfect baby, beautiful to look at and equally beautiful on the inside, radiating love and happiness. One day when she was a little girl she was not feeling very well. Her mother thought to give her a pet to cheer her up. While at the reef near their village taking her daily bath, Sina's mother saw a baby eel and thought, this is the pet I will bring home to Sina.

Widespread stories across the Pacific described the most beautiful woman in all the islands--a Samoan girl. Using all his powers of Fijian magic Tui Fiti turned himself into a young eel or tuna and swam with the ocean currents to Samoa. One day as Sina dipped seawater for her mother's cooking she noticed the young tuna in a lagoon pool. Gathering it in her calabash, she took it home for a pet. Sina kept the tuna in a bowl and nurtured it carefully.

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Sina and the Eel is a myth of origins in Samoan mythology , which explains the origins of the first coconut tree. In the Samoan language the legend is called Sina ma le Tuna. Tuna is the Samoan word for 'eel'. Different versions of the legend are told in different countries in Oceania. It is also used for making coconut oil , baskets, sennit rope used in traditional Samoan house building, weaving and for the building of small traditional houses or fale.

Sina and the Eel

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While at the reef near their village taking her daily bath, Sina's mother saw a baby eel and thought, this is the pet I will bring home to Sina. She put him in a shell.

Sina and Her Eel (tuna)


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