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Intelligent design ID is a pseudoscientific argument for the existence of God , presented by its proponents as "an evidence-based scientific theory about life's origins". Although the phrase intelligent design had featured previously in theological discussions of the argument from design , [10] its first publication in its present use as an alternative term for creationism was in Of Pandas and People , [11] [12] a creationist textbook intended for high school biology classes. The term was substituted into drafts of the book, directly replacing references to creation science and creationism , after the Supreme Court 's Edwards v.

Introductory Note: In the previous posts , we have surveyed three camps in the faith—science debates regarding origins among contemporary Evangelicals. Three issues arise in these debates: 1 the exegesis of Scripture, 2 the methods and conclusions of science, and 3 the attempt to harmonize theology with science. Without adequate background or knowledge to discuss the methods and conclusions of science, we will leave that aside in this and upcoming posts and discuss the first and third issues only. This post will consider some of the key biblical texts where our interpretation of Genesis 1 conflicts with the conclusions drawn by many scientists from their reading of nature and its history. We will then explore the larger theological approach that seeks to develop a theological—scientific synthesis.

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This article is another excellent contribution by Dr. Gerhard Hasel, who for many years served as an editorial consultant to Origins. Hasel lost his life in a traffic accident the day before he was to make a public presentation of this article. It thus represents one of his last if not his final intellectual contributions to our understanding of the Bible. Unfortunately, he did not have a chance to review the final copy.

A Few Reflections on Creation in Genesis 1

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This essay considers three main clusters of questions lay people raise with their pastors when introduced to the teaching that biological evolution and biblical orthodoxy can be compatible. As a pastor and evangelist himself, Keller takes these concerns seriously and offers suggestions for addressing them without requiring believers adopt a particular view or accept a definitive answer. New Atheist authors such as Richard Dawkins and creationist writers such as Ken Ham seem to have arrived at consensus on this, and so more and more in the general population are treating it as given. This creates a problem for both doubters and believers. Many believers in western culture see the medical and technological advances achieved through science and are grateful for them.

The Genesis Debate is written by three pairs of scholars representing different views on the nature of the days of creation in Genesis. Hall represent the hour view, Hugh Ross and Gleason Archer represent the day-age view, and Lee Irons and Meredith Kline represent the literary framework view. Each team writes an essay defending their position, to which the other teams reply. Each team is also given the opportunity to provide a final response. The only reason this conclusion is doubted is because of non-exegetical considerations. Classical exegesis should be privileged over recent theorizing and attempts at harmonization between Genesis and scientific theories.

Genesis 1 and the Creationism Debate: Being Honest to the Text, Its Author, and His Beliefs

The framework interpretation also known as the literary framework view , framework theory , or framework hypothesis is a description of the structure of the first chapter of the Book of Genesis more precisely Genesis —a , the Genesis creation narrative. The following table illustrates the proposed framework : [2]. Genesis 1 divides its six days of Creation into two groups of three "triads". The introduction, Genesis —2, "In the beginning… the earth was without form and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep…", describes the primal universe containing darkness, a watery "deep", and a formless earth, over which hovers the spirit of God.

The Days of Creation

At a broad level, a Creationist is someone who believes in a god who is absolute creator of heaven and earth, out of nothing, by an act of free will. Christians, Jews, and Muslims are all Creationists in this sense. The focus of this discussion is on a narrower sense of Creationism, the sense that one usually finds in popular writings especially in America today, but expanding world-wide rapidly.

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