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Prevention of Lower Extremity Injuries in Basketball

Sports injury prevention and rehabilitation: integrating medicine and science for performance solutions, ed. Auteur: David Joyce. Taal: Engels. Schrijf een review. PDF Prevention of sports injuries is a priority for sport stakeholders across the School of Health Sciences and Psychology, Faculty of Health, Federation sport safety; sports medicine; coaching prevention and rehabilitation process Integration of sports performance and Business solutions. Read an excerpt of this Sports Injury Prevention and Rehabilitation. Of sports injury risk management and rehabilitation, including:performance In this ground-breaking new book, leading sports injury and rehabilitation professionals, strength Integrating Medicine and Science for Performance Solutions.

Lower extremity injuries are common in basketball, yet it is unclear how prophylactic interventions affect lower extremity injury incidence rates. To analyze the effectiveness of current lower extremity injury prevention programs in basketball athletes, focusing on injury rates of 1 general lower extremity injuries, 2 ankle sprains, and 3 anterior cruciate ligament ACL tears. Studies were included if they were randomized controlled or prospective cohort trials, contained a population of competitive basketball athletes, and reported lower extremity injury incidence rates specific to basketball players. In total, individual studies were identified. Of these, 9 met the inclusion criteria.

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Epidemiology of sports injuries on collegiate athletes at a single center. To evaluate the incidence of sports injuries in college athletes from the same institution from to Athletes from 13 modalities were interviewed about the presence and type of injury, type of treatment and time of withdrawal, based on the questionnaire "Injury Surveillance System" ISS. Data were analyzed with graphs and tables of injury prevalence by gender, age, site of injury and modality. We also analyzed the average time of withdrawal of athletes, returning to sports practice and new lesions.

by David Joyce & Daniel Lewindon · preventive medicine Sports Injuries: Prevention, Diagnosis, Treatment and Rehabilitation. 1, Pages··

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