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By Dr. Ogunrinade Adewale O. Indigenous Christianity came into being in Africa through the initiatives of the concerned indigenous Africans who felt that Christianity should better be expressed in the African perception and worldview. The Africa that western Christianity came to influence was the type which gave much attention to the existence of spirits, and their invading powers in the human world.

These were effective system of maintaining stability and health [ii]. They were used to consulting traditional healers such as herbalists, and making divinations for problem solving. Dreams could be interpreted through divination. Witchcraft, sorcery and conjuration were popular. When mission Christianity came, this means of problem solving was discouraged, even though mission Christianity was unable to offer any potent alternative.

As African Christians continued to wallow in abject depravation of an alternative, some of them were forced to go back to the old method while others were subscribing to this means secretly.

Some African Christians were however inspired to challenge the dominance of mission Christianity over African thoughts and values. A number of churches came up as a result of this native initiative, which was Ethiopian in nature. On the heel of Ethiopianism, African Indigenous churches came up the stage from s onward. These churches constitute a significant identity and force to reckon with in African Christian statistics in the Western, Southern and Eastern parts of the continent.

They started to make waves and remarkable religious manifestations in the religious, cultural, socio-economic and political terrains of the African people. In West Africa, the influenza or bubonic plague led to the birth of the earliest African indigenous churches, especially in Nigeria.

African indigenous Churches of which the Aladura churches are typical examples, are churches in Nigeria that attempt to incorporate indigenous African elements into Christianity.

This is more than ever relevant in the area of predilection for African world view which makes them to be different from the mainline churches. In , this indigenous movement witnessed a revival called the Great Revival, which produced the Christ Apostolic Church in Though, modern Pentecostalism is traceable to a reasonable extent to the North American Pentecostal experience of and under Charles Fox Parham and William Seymour respectively, [viii] indigenous Pentecostal manifestations evolved in Africa through the efforts and initiatives of the African indigenous Churches, of which Christ Apostolic Church is notable.

Christ Apostolic Church Agbala Itura which this essay focuses is a typical example of an indigenous church that has manifested enormous indigenous inventiveness in African Christianity. This essay however, attempts to paint a picture of Pentecostalism generally. K Abiara , and located in the southwestern axis of Nigeria. We shall consider the diverse Pentecostal manifestations in this church to ascertain the development, peculiarity and merits of its indigenous Pentecostal standpoint.

This involves identifying the African indigenous ideals that CAC Agbala Itura has incorporated in the history of its existence. Three major types of spirit manifestations that have much indigenous bearing with African religion and culture will be discussed. They are inspirational, revelatory and power manifestations. The thrust of the essay is towards reviewing the dynamics and importance of Pentecostalism to African Christianity, more than ever in Christ Apostolic Church Agbala Itura.

The paper examines how Pentecostalism has been contextualized in the church, such that the beliefs and world view of indigenous Africans are properly interpreted in line with their culture in Pentecostal Christianity.

Before delving into this, an overview, beliefs and practices of Pentecostalism will be discussed. Pentecostalism is a religious ideology that gave birth to churches in the United States [ix] and Africa in the 20 th century.

On that day, the expectant early Christians who received the Holy Spirit were one hundred and twenty in number. They spoke in other tongues as the spirit gave them utterance. This marked the historical origin of Pentecostalism. Paul the Apostle in I Corinthians Denominations that were revival oriented became subdued and the Church became gradually capitalistic in nature. Protestant denominations became the churches of the upper middle class.

The yearning turned into an outburst just in the early part of the 20 th century, and respectively. This was after their serious study of the Pentecostal experience as recorded in Acts 1 and 2. Others, including Parham also spoke in tongues, and this experience empowered Parham to incorporate faith healing, the hallmark of Pentecostalism today.

Pentecostals believe in the impartation of the Holy Spirit and also that the Spirit would be the sources of power and the fuel to transport them to heaven at the close of the age.

Here, a great wealth of credence is attached to the possession of the ability to speak in other tongues as the early apostles experienced on the day of Pentecost. They are: sin, worldliness, sickness, poverty, hatred, fear and despair. Pentecostals believe that after the crucifixion of sin at salvation and sanctification, Christians should beware of worldliness, fear and despair. They should fight the onslaught of sickness through prayer and as they are guarding against worldliness, they should also reject poverty.

They hold that poverty is a punishment, a threat, a curse and intrusion of Satan in the well being of a truly regenerated Christian. Are poor and physically sick Christians really poor and unhealthy spiritually; and which one is more expedient between being physically healthy or spiritually healthy? Such attitude and expression that portray those undergoing one trying moment or the other e.

However, the question remains: can one visit the hospital and still remain a fervent Pentecostal? This question is still open for scholarly debate even though Fatokun [xix] sees this anti-medicinal Puritanism of some African Pentecostals as Pentecostal fanaticism which should be corrected.

John F. Arthur, Jr. This also manifests in some Pentecostal churches in Nigeria where expectant mothers are told to attend ante-natal clinic and give birth at the faith homes of their churches, yet some of these faith homes are not well equipped for the task of taking delivery of pregnant women.

A pregnant woman [xxi] interviewed narrated her ordeal in one of the churches that float such faith homes. She complained that the midwives were partial in their services as those who were able to give them gifts got better attention and prayers. She further adds that they spoke discreditably about attending ante-natal in modern hospitals as sign of unfaithfulness and unbelief on the part of the attendee about the promises of God on divine healing, blaming those who subscribe to them as men of little conviction and devotion and that these faith homes midwives showed reluctance at referring cases beyond their control to the hospital and even when they did, the health state of the patient would have deteriorated.

A number of pregnant women and infants had died prematurely through this means as a result of poor medical treatment. About prayers, Pentecostals employ various means of carrying this out. Water is an essential ingredient which most of the indigenous Pentecostal churches in Nigeria use. They pray into it and drink it for healing purpose or sprinkle it on objects for consecration purpose.

Elder J. Doherty [xxii] attests to the efficacy of water prayed upon in the healing of ailments, especially those that had defied medical solution. He traces the tradition of the use of water to the precedence laid by the forefathers of African indigenous Pentecostalism, and especially, the efforts of people like Apostle Ayo Babalola who had a great input in the founding of Christ Apostolic Church in Nigeria. Church services of the Pentecostals are usually characterized with exuberance, flow of the spirit, passion and cooperative participation of everybody in the service.

Anderson [xxiii] captures this idea clearly in a Chicago Church he visited in Expressions like Yes Lord! Thank you Jesus! Towards the end of the sermon, the inspirational chants of exhortation were rendered by the preacher, which the congregation spontaneously took over with dancing and rhythmic clapping and uplifted hands.

This is however impetuses for this brand of church as young people are largely attracted into them; thereby improving the proficiency and energy of the movement. There appears to be a problem about the concept of holiness in the Pentecostal movement today.

The tenacity and emphasis which pious and holy living used to be noted for in the old Pentecostal movement is already on the decline today. Prosperity messages are preached with utmost seriousness while holiness messages are waved aside.

For them, the best Christian is the type that puts on the best dress and gives generously to the church and the pastor. Being born again and at the same time being fashionable is the music in vogue in the Neo Pentecostal churches which appears quite contrary to official evangelical opinion.

Abiara, was allegedly called by God into the ministry of evangelism in He claimed to have been called while working as a government officer in Akufo Farm settlement, a village at the outskirt of Ibadan. According to him, he found it quite unbelievable that God could translate the little beginning to a magnificent ministry today [xxvii].

He claimed to have learnt courage, seriousness and zeal for the work of God. He purported God revealed to him through dream His purpose for him to be enlisted in ministerial duties. In , he heeded and this gave birth to the Akufo Church. After engaging in some preaching and revivals, his sitting room could not contain the crowd who saw the zeal and passion for leadership in him.

The significance of this relocation is that there was growth around this period, Christ Apostolic Church leaders then, such as Pastors Akindele and Budale used to come to visit Prophet Abiara in his Akufo base and encouraged him to join the Christ Apostolic Church. Prior to moving into this piece of land, the whole environment was bushy. God called him and said that if he Abiara would believe and abide on the lonely site, He would change all the bushes around to people. This meant that just as the bushes overcrowded the whole place, God would populate the place with multitude of people.

This is similar in a way to the promise of God to Abraham when God entered into covenant with him a great nation. The spiritual significance of this name reflected that God would give to those who stepped on the land with faith, the desires of their hearts and that the place would be a point of contact for pleasure, convenience, blessing and spiritual well being of all.

Apart from this, Prophet Abiara usually claims in his sermons that God divinely instructed him to move to Old Ife Road so as to bring comfort to many people suffering the afflictions of Satan and the odd world. He later alleged that God said that just a He did for Abraham who became the father of nations; he would also have many followers.

This place serves as the international headquarters of the Church. But we need to mention certain peculiar traits of Agbala Itura that made it characteristically different. The CIEM was formerly known as International Evangelical Association and was founded in , [xxxii] and gained much popularity between and The name however changed in to Christ International Evangelical Ministry. Many branches of Agbala Itura were established through this unit.

The arm also reached out to people in confinement such as hospitals and prisons. The name has a fondness or predilection for African indigenous thoughts especially the Yoruba world view for Agbala and Itura. Agbala in Yoruba parlance ordinarily means a place for recreating or refreshing after hard labour while Itura means the actual act of relaxation.

The two words then mean an abode where stress is relieved and solution is found to problems of life. According to the founder, [xxxiii] God had revealed to him that everyone who stepped into the Church must experience relief from whatever discomfort he had suffered from.

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Pdf Sermons On Faith. Paul continues the theme of faith and connecting it to the gospel of Christ. Note: All elements are open to adjustment. Ye Shall Receive Power 6. In order to find happiness, we must believe the right things. Visit the web site to browse or download additional material for church or personal use.

The State of the Question Today B. The Purpose of This Document I. Fundamentalist Approach II. Actualization Principles Methods Limits B. Inculturation C. This study is never finished; each age must in its own way newly seek to understand the sacred books.

A sacrament is a Christian rite recognized as of particular importance and significance. Many Christians consider the sacraments to be a visible symbol of the reality of God , as well as a channel for God's grace. Many denominations , including the Catholic, Anglican, Lutheran, Methodist, and Reformed, hold to the definition of sacrament formulated by Augustine of Hippo : an outward sign of an inward grace, that has been instituted by Jesus Christ. Some traditions, such as Quakerism and the Salvation Army do not observe any of the rites, or, in the case of Anabaptists , hold that they are simply reminders or commendable practices that do not impart actual grace—not sacraments but " ordinances " pertaining to certain aspects of the Christian faith. This in turn is derived from the Greek New Testament word "mysterion". In Ancient Rome , the term meant a soldier's oath of allegiance. Tertullian , a 3rd-century Christian writer, suggested that just as the soldier's oath was a sign of the beginning of a new life, so too was initiation into the Christian community through baptism and Eucharist.

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Instituting dispute resolution procedures in the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe church. Remarkably, one of the most critical problems facing the AFM in Zimbabwe church is intrachurch disputes, which manifest in diverse forms such as pastors' transfers disputes, election disputes and pastors' performance disputes. Such disputes have produced undesirable consequences not only for pastors but also for the wellbeing of the church in general. Intrachurch disputes require internal mechanisms to manage them so that constructive rather than destructive results are achieved. To do this, internal dispute resolution procedures become critical as they provide a framework for the constructive resolution of disputes.

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