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Grace Hopper and the Invention of the Information Age (review)

Find books coming soon in Sign in. The Parenting Book Guide. Share: Share on Facebook. Add to Cart. The wording of her obituary sparked a controversy, highlighting the glaring disparity in the way that we profile male and female scientists. In Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science — and the World Rachel Swaby has written short biographies of 52 amazing scientists: one for every week of the year.

There are profiles of inventors, mathematicians, physicists, chemists, naturalists, biologists, medical pioneers, astronauts and Nobel Prize Winners — all remarkable scientists who overcame obstacles to pursue their passion for discovery.

Although there is not a simple solution to reversing this trend, providing young women with female scientists as role models is undoubtedly a key, and Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science — and the World is a powerful tool that can be used in middle and high school classrooms. Each one of the scientists profiled made significant contributions to science — shifting paradigms and, at times, literally changing the way we understand the world.

Examining their achievements will teach students in STEM classes about research and the scientific method, providing them with role models of resilience, determination, and grit. Ask students what they think they would like to pursue as a career, and then ask them who they consider to be their role model for this job. How is having a role model helpful they provide encouragement, inspiration, etc?

Ask students to brainstorm all the famous scientists and scientific discoveries that they can name. Do they know what each of the scientists they circled discovered or theorized?

Why is their work significant? How many of the names that they recognize belong to women? Citing evidence from both articles, explain the controversy over the obituary. How do you think journalists should address the issue of gender bias in science reporting? You may want to have students consider whether or not the think an instrument like the Finkbeiner Test is warranted.

How did Rachel Swaby select the scientists to include in Headstrong? Compose a thoughtful argument for their inclusion. Do you think that scientists and scientific discovery receive enough public recognition? If you agree with McClintock, explain your reasoning in a well-crafted argument. If you feel that they deserve more recognition, propose a solution to the problem. Many of the women profiled in the book operated as outsiders — lacking the support or approval of the establishment.

In STEM fields, is being an outsider helpful, or is it a hindrance? Using details from the lives of the women profiled in Headstrong , compose a thoughtful argument answering this question. Why is patience necessary in scientific research? Compose a thoughtful argument using specific examples that illustrate the importance of being careful, methodical, and patient.

Shenhas become an example of female scientists who have not received credit for their contributions. As a class, develop a proposal for a school-wide celebration of Ada Lovelace Day. Many of the women profiled in Headstrong worked collaboratively with other often male scientists.

What were the benefits of collaborating? What were the drawbacks? Identify common characteristics of successful and unsuccessful collaborative relationships. What lessons can you learn about scientific research, the scientific method, and testing hypotheses from their stories? Consider the importance of parental support in the lives of several of the scientists in Headstrong , specifically comparing the role of parental support in the lives of two different women. This is not true. Examine the lives of the scientists profiled in Headstrong.

What challenges did they face that were specific to the fact that they were women? One characteristic that has been linked to success is grit. In what specific ways do the scientists profiled in Headstrong demonstrate grit? The biographies of Anna Wessels Williams and Hilde Mangold highlight the issues the tradition of honoring scientific discoveries by naming them after the scientist raises.

What challenges have kept women from being recognized with named discoveries? Present your demonstration to an audience, either in person or by recording your demonstration and uploading it to a social media site.

Compose a personal narrative in response to this quote. How has the study of STEM subjects provided both challenge and meaning to your life? Two of the women profiled in Headstrong , Rachel Carson and Maria Sibylla Merian, combined a love of the arts writing and painting with their love of science. Create your own piece of art inspired by a scientific concept or idea. You can choose to explore any genre. Gertrude Belle Elion received letters of gratitude from people who benefited from the medical breakthroughs and advances that she discovered.

How have you or someone you love benefitted from medical treatment? Write a letter of gratitude to someone in the medical field that has impacted your life or the life of someone you love. Failure is often necessary step in the pursuit of scientific discovery. Compose a personal narrative about a time that you experienced failure. What did the experience teach you? How did you grow as a result of your experience? Make sure that your dramatization clearly explains both the science behind their discovery and its lasting impact.

Working in a small group, create an inclusive public service advertisement encouraging both girls and boys to pursue science. Many students have a negative impression of math. She went on to compare mathematics to poetry. What do math teachers need to do to change the way that students perceive mathematics?

Compose a persuasive letter expressing your opinion about the way that mathematics should be taught. Give specific examples to support your position. In the introduction to her book, Swaby explains that she intentionally did not include any living scientists in Headstrong.

In a New York Times Magazine article, physicist Eileen Pollack commented that there was not a single portrait of a female mathematician hanging up at Yale when she was a student Introduction. Display your poster in your classroom or in your school. Classroom Activity Adapt the biography of one of the scientists profiled in Headstrong into a picture book for elementary-age readers. Choose details from their life that you think will appeal to young readers, and explain the science that they discovered in a way that a child can understand.

Share your books with one of your feeder elementary schools or, if you attend a K school, present your book in person to a younger class. Make sure that your article reflects a high level of research and scholarship. Many of the women profiled in Headstrong were directly involved in advocating and expanding opportunities for women for example: Maria Mitchell, Sally Ride, Yvonne Brill, Hertha Ayrton.

Unfortunately, access to education for women remains limited in many parts of the world. Research a charitable organization that is advocating for equal access to education and create a PSA highlighting the organization. Accompany your advertisement with short biographies of each of the men and women that you selected and a statement justifying your decision to include them.

As a class, use Google Docs, One Drive, or another document sharing site to collaborate on an annotated bibliography related to books and articles about STEM pioneers.

Begin with additional resources related to the scientists profiled in Headstrong , and then expand your bibliography to include other important figures a specific STEM pathway. Which countries produced the most women scientists? Which schools educated and employed the most women? How many Nobel Prize winners are women?

How many National Medal of Science winners are female? Use this data to create an infographic or a series of infographics for display. Research the policy or policies that were a result of their research. Research a recent discovery or emerging area of scientific study and contextualize it by placing in it the context of historical science research and connecting it to your prior understanding.

Research the history of Home Economics. Did your school teach Home Economics at one point? What was the purpose of these classes? Why did most school districts end these programs? Do you think they should be brought back? Debate this question as a class. Research the historical impact that Anti-Semitism, both abroad and in the United States, had on the scientific community in America and Europe.

While there are a few notable exceptions, the majority of the women profiled had the financial means to afford working on research for little or no wages.

Research current trends in science education. Are pathways in STEM fields equally accessible by students regardless of socioeconomic status? Are STEM careers pursued equally by students regardless of socioeconomic background? Create a webpage, booklet, or brochure encouraging students to pursue STEM pathways. Present compelling data about the benefits of studying STEM.

One of the challenges that female scientists have faced is lack of access to educational opportunities and facilities.

Headstrong Teacher’s Guide

On Feb. Grace Brewster Murray Hopper was a computer pioneer and naval officer. Read the story. Known as irreverent, sharp-tongued, and brilliant, she enjoyed long and influential careers in both the U. Navy and the private sector. Her father owned an insurance company. She was educated in private schools, and the family summered in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

Grace Hopper

It was a nice vacation from the breakneck: Williams, Grace Hopper , But computers had a huge: Abbate, Recoding Gender, A year into her employment: Ibid. It opened an entirely new technical field to women, one whose importance would become evident only after they showed what remarkable things could be done at the confluence of people and computing machines. But change is never so simple.

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