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robinson crusoe individualism and the novel pdf

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Reading as Ideology: Robinson Crusoe, Spiritual Autobiography and the Bible

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“Robinson Crusoe” and Modernity

It is an enactment of the modern, secular individual making his way alone in the world and overcoming challenges through the power of his own unaided reason. At the same time, in pointing to a religious interpretation of existence that is never quite fully experienced, it highlights in a profound way what our secular modern age has lost. Four editions of the novel were published between April and August of and 80, copies were sold. In terms of its content, it is also preeminent in that it enacts the myth of the modern individual: the sovereign individual who is master of himself, nature, and others. In this way, the novel combines a searching need for a religious explanation of our existence with the undermining of that search by a secular rationality. This combination makes the novel still relevant and powerful for us today.

Tweet This. In spite of their invocation of theorists and theories more typically associated with literary and cultural studies of Defoe, seven of the twelve contributors to this project come out of economics or political economy departments. While reflections, therefore, on such things as Pareto optimality, the Lausanne School, and contemporary textile and electronics industries might be cause for concern for some Defoe enthusiasts, the volume manifests the successes of an interdisciplinary spirit that is often accused of delusional optimism about the ability of critical methods to cross disciplinary boundaries. Hymer seeks to recapture the nature of the Crusoe economy prior to its appropriation by neoclassical economics. By , overtly political Marxist positioning was not necessary to gain purchase on the contingency of the Crusoe metaphor. It was in that year that Michael V.

Eighteenth-Century Life

Reading lies at the very heart of the nonconformist experience in seventeenth-and eighteenth-century England. It is through individual reading of the Bible and the tradition of spiritual autobiography that feeds through the works of writers such as John Bunyan, that the nonconformist individual learns how to structure his or her life. In modern terms of reference, someone like John Bunyan becomes a role model that others can hope to emulate, with his own autobiography Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners as a training manual for would-be electees from a nonconformist background.

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