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These worksheets look at the battles and skirmishes throughout the course of the Seven Year War. We also introduce the legend of Daniel Boone. The French and Indian War fought in North America was part of a larger conflict called the Seven Years war, which was fought by many countries throughout the world. George Washington was a young man and a major in the Virginia militia when the westward expansion of the American colonies began to cause conflict with the French, who had moved into Ohio country and built Fort Duquesne on the Ohio River. It took place on May 28, , near what is now Fayette County, Pennsylvania.

Atlantic Politics, Military Strategy and the French and Indian War

Used by permission of the publisher. For personal use and not for further distribution. Please submit permission requests for other use directly to the publisher. As part of the larger Seven Years War in Europe, colonists and Indians were caught up in a bitter struggle that eventually deprived the French of Canada and the Indians of much of their land. North Carolina colonists and the Cherokee fought first as allies, then as enemies. The North Carolina colony raised 2, men, half of whom initially fought mostly in Virginia and New York.

➢By the late s, France had roughly. 80, settlers living America. ➢​France's colonial economy is based on fur trading. Page 4. French-English.

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Out of our regard to them we gave them two Blankets and a Handkerchief out of the Small Pox Hospital. I hope it will have the desired effect. In , when George Washington unknowingly granted possession of the Ohio River Valley to the French, he set in motion a series of military events that would come to be known as the French and Indian War among British colonists and would grow into the Seven Years War around the world. The myriad of players in this war offer contrasting perspectives used by historians to analyze these events. This unit offers students the opportunity to historically analyze the war from these perspectives, informing their understanding of how wars are remembered as well as the important role primary sources play in historical research.

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Their rivalry came to a head in the mids as the clashed over this claim. What view might the Native Americans have taken toward this land in the Ohio River Valley that was being disputed by the French and the British? It's all free for learners and teachers. Tools to empower teachers. Trending searches. Lesson Plan. Great Gatsby.

The year is and France and Britain have thriving colonies in North America. New England has begun to expand west, from their settlements along the eastern seaboard, into the Ohio River Valley. In response, France has built a chain of forts to protect their American territorial claims, extending from Lake Erie to the Gulf of Mexico! A deadly confrontation with the French and their Native American allies deep in the Appalachian wilderness sparks the beginning of a world war that engulfs the Americas, Europe, India and Africa. Players for each side work together in order to coordinate their strategies. To win, each side attempts to control Victory Spaces on the map that represent towns and forts. The militia players receive reinforcements from muster points while the French and English Regulars must ship their reinforcements from overseas.

This section describes the war, in which French forces fought British forces in North America. Each side had. Native American allies. Charles de Langlade led.

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The French and Indian War — pitted the colonies of British America against those of New France , each side supported by military units from the parent country and by Native American allies. The European nations declared a wider war upon one another overseas in , two years into the French and Indian War, and many view the French and Indian War as being merely the American theater of the worldwide Seven Years' War of —63; however, the French and Indian War is viewed in the United States as a singular conflict which was not associated with any European war. The British colonists were supported at various times by the Iroquois , Catawba , and Cherokee tribes, and the French colonists were supported by Wabanaki Confederacy member tribes Abenaki and Mi'kmaq , and the Algonquin , Lenape , Ojibwa , Ottawa , Shawnee , and Wyandot tribes. It began with a dispute over control of the confluence of the Allegheny River and Monongahela River called the Forks of the Ohio , and the site of the French Fort Duquesne in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania. The dispute erupted into violence in the Battle of Jumonville Glen in May , during which Virginia militiamen under the command of year-old George Washington ambushed a French patrol. In , six colonial governors met with General Edward Braddock , the newly arrived British Army commander, and planned a four-way attack on the French.

It determined control of the vast colonial territory of North America. The French and Indian War began over the specific issue of whether the upper Ohio River valley was a part of the British Empire , and therefore open for trade and settlement by Virginians and Pennsylvanians, or part of the French Empire. Behind this issue loomed an infinitely larger one, however: which national culture was to dominate the heart of North America. Settlers of English extraction were in a preponderance in the coveted area, but French exploration, trade, and alliances with Native Americans predominated. British territorial claims rested upon explorations of the North American continent by John Cabot in the latter part of the 15th century. In the early 17th century, an English royal charter granted land within certain limits between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to both the Virginia Company and the Plymouth Company.

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North America was occupied mostly. by colonists from France, Great Britain and Spain. The French controlled portions of Canada and the Midwest, while Spain.



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