Difference Between Equity Shares And Preference Shares Ppt To Pdf

difference between equity shares and preference shares ppt to pdf

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The corporate world has its capital structure like share capital, debt fund as well as reserves and surplus. Every corporate has mandatory to issue share capital to raise the fundamental capital for the company. Share capital can be of various kinds like equity share capital, preference share capital, etc.

Difference between Equity and Preference Shares

Equity Shares are the main source of raising the funds for the firm. It is a form of partial or part Ownership in the company in which shareholders bear the highest business risk. All equity shareholders are collectively owner of the company and they have the authority to control the affairs of the business. Ownership in the company is depending on the unit of shares they hold. The Equity shareholders get the profit of the company in the form of dividend but the rate of dividend is not fixed its fluctuate as per profit i. Equity shares also called as ordinary shares.

Difference between Equity and Preference Shares

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Absolutely zero maintenance charges. Investment in securities market are subject to market risks, read all the related documents carefully before investing. Brokerage will not exceed the SEBI prescribed limit. For more information, visit our disclosure page. A share is a unit of ownership in a company and has an exchangeable value that is influenced by market forces. Companies issue these shares to the public to raise capital. The funds thus raised are used for the expansion of a start-up.

Difference between equity and preference shares

Equity share is a main source of finance for any company giving investors rights to vote, share profits and claim on assets. Various types of equity share capital are authorized, issued, subscribed, paid up, rights , bonus , sweat equity etc. The expression of the value of equity shares are in terms of face value or par value , issue price, book value, market value, intrinsic value , stock market value etc.

Capital Market. Difference between equity and preference shares. Points of difference Equity Shares Preference Shares 1.

To define shares and its types, one needs to have a basic understanding of shares and their purpose and role in a company. Shares are a standard instrument for raising capital for a business by distributing them among interested investors. The definition of a share includes the capital or stock of a company.


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Presentation Description. Shares are most important to raise funds for the business, so you want to understand about shares then here we are.



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Equity Shares are the shares that carry voting rights and the rate of dividend also fluctuate every year as it depends on the amount of profit available to the.