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There is no universal agreement among Muslims as to what exactly counts as a name of God, and what does not. Additionally, while some names are only in the Quran, and others are only in the hadith , there are some names which appear in both. Different sources give different lists of the 99 names.

Allah Almighty is the Creator of this world and everything in it. It is important to know the Asmaul Husna and attributes of Allah Almighty.

99 Name of Allah With Benefits

Which also known as the secrets of Asma-ul-Husna. Read Also: Dua for keeping Fast. We as a Muslims believe that the Asma-ul-Husna have so many benefits for us. Muslims recite names of Allah daily on their prayers for the protection, good health, comfort, wealth etc.

The one who recites Allah name for times at least, will find all the suspicions vanish away. After that, pray for yourself to get rid of disease. I hope it helps you in enlightening your knowledge. The Holy Prophet Muhammad P. Skip to content. Reciting it times after every obligatory prayer will enhance memory and awareness. The reciter will feel the burden vanishing away from his heart. Reciting it after Fajr prayer times will keep the person safe from all tribulation. Moreover, he will find everyone benevolent towards him.

The sick will regain his health if this is recited to him times. It also keeps the frequent reciter, of this name, safe from all types of tribulations. This purifies the soul of a person, if it is recited times after taking a bath and offering two rakaats of prayer.

Recitation of this name 41 times after Fajr prayer will make the person independent from others and will earn respect. Whoever recites this name several times will not be forced to do anything. He will be safe from cruelty and hardship. Allah will assign an angel to guide the person righteously if he recites this name times continuously for a prescribed limit of 7 days. Recite this name 21 times and do a Damm on water. Continue this for 7 consecutive days. Use the water for breaking the fast.

This name will provide the person with inner peace and will lead the person to the correct place. Reciting it frequently will remove poverty. Reciting it 40 times in the last Sajadah of Chasht prayer will relieve the person from starvation. This finishes poverty from the house if it is written, and eaten on 4 pieces of food till 40 days. Repeating this name 10 times after Chasht prayer and rubbing hands with face will no longer be dependent upon others.

Allah will fulfill the need of the person who recites it times. It also acts as a guard from all enemies if a group of people sit in the gathering on the fourth day of fasting and recite this name 70 times each. The one who recites this name times in day and night will get wealthier and will be highly regarded in merit.

Reciting this name times after Maghrib prayer either on Monday or on Friday, Allah will make him majestic in the eyes of other people. Allah will fulfill the desire of a person who recites this name , or 50 times on Thursday after Chasht prayer. Reciting this name regularly will make a person a righteous man who is indulged in wrong things. Write this name on a piece of paper and wash it with water.

Use that water for sprinkling things. This will keep the things safe from all types of damages. The one who keeps this name written on a piece of paper will achieve a high rank and success in all his work. Recite this name and do a Damm on water. Give the water to the ill mannered child. He will become obedient. The one who recites this name 7 times and do a Damm on himself, his property and family will come under the custody of Allah. To earn a lot of respect in this world and Hereafter, recite this name many times before going to sleep.

Recite this name seven times and do a Damm on yourself or your family. If you want an answer to any of your appeal, then you will get it if you recite this name frequently. Allah opens the doors of income if someone recites this name many times.

His difficulties in earning be vanished. This name helps in resolving a disagreement between two people if one gives the other person food after reciting this name times in his food. Recite this name 21 times with the hand placed on the head of the disobedient person.

Allah will protect that person from drowning or burning in fire if he recites this name frequently. This name provides ease to the person if he is afraid of being questioned on the Day of Resurrection. A pregnant woman will be safe from danger while aborting if she repeats this name several times.

Reciting this name 70 times will bring the person who has left home within 7 days, safe and secure. All his world desires will be removed as no other love will ever replace his heart. If recited 40 times for 40 days, it will give a child to a family who is not blessed with one.

Moreover, a traveler will reach home safe and sound if he recites this name times on Friday. With the recitation of this name for only three times every day, he will be able to know the truth in all things. Reciting this name times for ten consecutive Fridays will make a person become self sufficient. This name gives success on every good act if it is started with the recitation of this name for 41 times. To ensure that all your good deeds are accepted, recite this name times on every Friday night.

A person will remain safe from sorrow and distress if he recites this name times after the sunrise. To complete a task you are unable to do, recite this name times between Maghrib and Isha prayer.

Names of God in Islam

A'dads total of numbers assigned to alphabets are mentioned in brackets against each dua 'a. It is the duty of the sincere and pious servants of Allah to seek help and fulfillment of their desires from their Lord, but He knows what is good for us and therefore we may not have that, which is asked for, yet we are bound to go on invoking Him, in strict compliance with the instructions of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib. Many ulamah religious scholars have said that this could be the ismi aa 'z 'am, the great name of Allah. Recite it as many times as possible to obtain the benefits mentioned in the following traditions. Whatever work taken in hand wins permanent success if Al Aakhiru is recited regularly.

99 Names Of Allah And Benefits

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Jazakillahu khayran to the sister who informed me. By the mercy of Allah I started the task I had put off for a long time: revising the printables I offered on my old blog Islamic Bedtime Stories.

99 Names of Allah and Benefits for the Reciter

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Ar Rehman The Beneficent One who recites this name times will get sharp memory. Al Ahad The One Recitation of this name times opens certain secrets. Al-Akhir The Last One who recites this name frequently will lead a good life and at the end of this life will have a good death. Al-Baatin The Hidden One who recites this name three times in a day will be able to see the truth in things. Al-Badi The Incomparable One who recites this name 70 times will be free from all troubles.

Importance of Learning Asmaul Husna | 99 Names of Allah with Benefits




If this Ism is recited times daily after every solat, if Allah wills, hard-heartedness and negligence will be removed from the reader's heart.