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Wage and salary administration is a collection of practices and procedures used for planning and distributing company-wide compensation programs for employees. These practices include employees at all levels and are usually handled by the accounting department of a company. Wage and salary administration procedures usually involve activities such as calculating the number of hours worked in order to determine compensation, administering employment benefits, and answering payroll questions from employees.

Wages and salaries are the remuneration paid or payable to employees for work performed on behalf of an employer or services provided. Normally, an employer is not permitted to withhold the wages or any part thereof, except as permitted or required by law. Employers are required by law to deduct from wages, commonly termed "withhold", income taxes , social contributions and for other purposes, which are then paid directly to tax authorities, social security authority, etc.

Four Years of Wage and Salary Administration under Incomes Policies

This site provides Washington state agency managers and HR Professionals with information and resources on compensation. Total compensation. State salary survey. Compensation plan components. Classified job listing.

The soundness of compensation management depends upon the amount of wage or salary is paid to an employee for a fair days work. Wage and Salary administration refers to the established and implementation of sound policies and practices employee compensation. Wage and salary administration is one of the vital areas of the personnel administration. For sound wage and salary policies and programs are essential. To procure, maintain, develop, promote and transfer employees and to get effective results from them. An organization has to balance fairly financial and non financial rewards extrinsic awards. Effective awards and intrinsic awards.

What effects did the last Government's wage restraint policy have on wage and salary administration at company and local levels? A research team at Strathclyde Business School has been studying newly introduced incentive payment schemes and holding seminars with management and trade union negotiators over the past 12 months. This paper reports some of their findings, and shows how the jobs of wage and salary administrators have been affected by the experiences of the past five years. Bowey, A. Report bugs here.

Wage and Salary Administration

Wages and Salary administration is a collection of procedures and practices used for distributing and planning company-wide compensation programs for employees. These practices are usually handled by the accounting department of a company and include employees at all levels also. These are the important topics of the Compensation and Rewards Management Notes. In, the below unit-wise titles were also mentioned for the students. This subject will have some similar topics to that BBA Course as well.

Wage and salary administration is defined as the process by which wage and salary levels and structures are determined in organisational settings. Wages are payments for labour services rendered frequency, expressed in hourly rates, while a salary is a similar payment, expressed in weekly, monthly or annual rates. The determination of wage rates, administration of wage policies and satisfying the employees as regards to wages and rates of wages is an important aspect of wage administration. As a matter of fact wage and salary administration is one of the major responsibilities of modern manpower management. Introduction to Wage and Salary Administration 2.

Compensation administration is a segment of management or human resource management focusing on planning, organizing, and controlling the direct and indirect payments employees receive for the work they perform. Compensation includes direct forms such as base, merit, and incentive pay and indirect forms such as vacation pay, deferred payment, and health insurance. Compensation does not refer, however, to other kinds of employee rewards such as recognition ceremonies and achievement parties. The ultimate objectives of compensation administration are: efficient maintenance of a productive workforce, equitable pay, and compliance with federal, state, and local regulations based on what companies can afford. The basic concept of compensation administration—compensation management—is rather simple: employees perform tasks for employers and so companies pay employees wages for the jobs they do. Consequently, compensation is an exchange or a transaction, from which both parties—employers and employees—benefit: both parties receive something for giving something. Compensation, however, involves much more than this simple transaction.

pdf> [Accessed 17 July ]. The Role of Compensation and Benefits. •. [Online​] Available at:

A Study of Wage and Salary Administration in Simplex Mills Co. Ltd

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Wage and Salary Administration

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administer a wage and salary administration program and to ensure fair and equitable pay amongst employees. — Provides guidance on an employee's salary.

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