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Film Quarterly 1 December ; 48 2 : 10— Sign In or Create an Account.

There have been other documentaries raising concerns about the impact of social media on our privacy and our morale and even our democracy, including the very good-to-excellent " Screened Out ," " Lo and Behold: Reveries of the Connected World ," and " The Great Hack. While all of the films have impressive experts to explain how we got here and why here is not a place anyone should be, in this movie many of the experts are the same people who got us here—top executives from Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other sites that seduce us into spending time and sharing information so they can sell both. As the film opens, we can see that the people who will be telling us their stories are uncomfortable and embarrassed. It turns out, they will be confessing and apologizing.

Book Review: The Sociologist and the Historian by Pierre Bourdieu and Roger Chartier

The Sociologist and the Historian marks the first English-language publication of conversations held between the sociologist Pierre Bourdieu and the historian Roger Chartier in , which focused particularly on the disciplines of history and sociology. Canan Bolel praises the collection for offering a frequently witty and engaging insight into the relationship between sociological and historical practice and the construction of academic knowledge. The Sociologist and the Historian. Pierre Bourdieu and Roger Chartier. Polity Press. In , the eminent sociologist Pierre Bourdieu and the notable historian Roger Chartier met for a series of talks that were subsequently broadcast on French radio.

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Moline, Illinois. My dad just lost his job. One day I tried getting in the shower, and it was cold. I put the hot on all the way and no cold, and it was freezing. It felt like shoving your face in a bunch of snow. It was freezing!

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textual analysis of Moore's first four feature films (Roger & Me [], The Big One center pieces of that film is sociologist Barry Glassner's argument that the and manual labor were separated for the first time, literally “intellectualizing” the.

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Download the PDF. This article advances insight for military and war films in teaching and learning, and strategies and techniques for employing film in college teaching. Literature on teaching and learning with film is reviewed with specific focus on the disciplines of leadership, management, psychology, and sociology. Discussed is the military and war film genre, and cadet tastes and preferences are highlighted.

Moore portrays the regional economic impact of General Motors CEO Roger Smith 's action of closing several auto plants in his hometown of Flint, Michigan , reducing GM's employees in that area from 80, in to about 50, in Moore begins by introducing himself and his family through 8 mm archival home movies ; he describes himself as the Irish American Catholic middle-class son of a General Motors employee assembling AC spark plugs. Moore chronicles how GM had previously defined his childhood in Flint, Michigan , and how the company was the primary economic and social hub of the town.

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PDF | On Dec 1, , Miles Orvell published Documentary Film and the Power of Interrogation: "American Dream" & "Roger and Me" | Find.

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They claim that the manipulation of human behavior for profit is coded into these companies with Machiavellian precision: Infinite scrolling and push notifications keep users constantly engaged; personalized recommendations use data not just to predict but also to influence our actions, turning users into easy prey for advertisers and propagandists.