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head heart and hands leadership model pdf

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The model was conceptualized from a synthesis of diverse literature, such as sustainable education, transformative learning theories, placed-based learning, indigenous learning approaches, experiential learning, eco-literacy, curriculum theory and conceptual change in science classes.

Kehr , PhD. In psychological terminology, the three components are explicit self-attributed motives, implicit unconscious motives, and perceived abilities.

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Leadership is a Humpty Dumpty word which people use in widely different ways. Argues that, on examination, there appear to be three main ways in which managers may exercise leadership. The third type of leadership is more general. Inspiring leadership, of the heart, engages with people, giving them an energizing vision. All managers must exercise strategic and supervisory leadership of the head and hands — otherwise they are mere administrators.

Technology is important but people must come first, and people need to be able to control variables and thresholds, overrule any automated interventions, and most importantly, preside over ethical and moral quandaries based on human experiences and logical thinking. For business leaders, perhaps the most critical task in creating the workplace of the future is to make their people feel engaged and involved. This will define their future business success. This means leading from the front with strong and authentic leadership that balances forward-looking optimism with a realistic outlook on what employees can expect from any new working model. The Head: This is about envisioning the future and focusing on the big rocks. Leaders must draw on their strategic thinking, their imagination, their knowledge of customer needs and desires, and their pool of expertise, experience and wisdom to forge an aspirational vision. The Heart: This is about inspiring and empowering people.

You can no more have someone else change the culture for you than you can have someone else change your mind. It is that fundamental. If you want others to adapt and change, then take the lead. The why is about culture and as the saying goes, culture eats strategy for breakfast. Hands can expand their skills to include Head qualities with time, encouragement, and technical proficiency.

The “Heart, Head and Hands” of Transforming Leadership

This includes a one-hour feedback call in which we discuss the results. As you might imagine, people are always curious—and often anxious—about how they were rated by their supervisors, peers, and direct reports. Before we dug into those concerns, we spent some time making sure she appreciated her strengths. People had noticed her appearance in a positive way—the degree to which she was showing up looking ready for the game; everyone agreed she had a lot of energy. They also rated her interactivity: Clearly Diane was not the type of leader that liked to hide out in her office!

The “Heart, Head and Hands” of Transforming Leadership

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Most of us can remember our most amazing teachers. But how do you measure effective teaching? This one question has baffled educators and policy-makers for years.

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