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bald and golden eagle protection act pdf

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Energy projects that may impact bald or golden eagles, typically require a Non-Purposeful Eagle Take Permit, which authorizes the take of bald and golden eagles, where the take is not the purpose of an activity, but cannot practicably be avoided. A Non-Purposeful Eagle Take Permit may authorize disturbance of bald and golden eagles, or lethal take. The applicable permit regulations 50 C. Although submission of an ECP is voluntary, developers who choose not to submit an ECP and subsequently engage in activities that result in the take of bald or golden eagles risk liability under the Eagle Act.

Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act (16 USC §§ 668–668c) and Related Regulations (50 CFR Part 22)

The bald eagle in Arizona has experienced a large population increase since the species was listed under the Endangered Species Act in At that time, only 11 breeding pairs had been identified. Since then, multiple studies and intensive management projects have contributed to our knowledge of the bald eagle in Arizona, and the population has grown. This growth, not only in Arizona but nationwide, prompted the U. However, continuing threats to the population in the southwest require the continuation of protective management actions.

Bald and Golden Eagle Protection

The fine doubles for an organization. Rewards are provided for information leading to arrest and conviction for violation of the Act. Those conventions protect birds that migrate across international borders. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act MBTA prohibits the taking, killing, possession, transportation, and importation of migratory birds, their eggs, parts, and nests except as authorized under a valid permit 50 CFR Additionally, the MBTA authorizes and directs the Secretary of the Interior to determine if, and by what means, the take of migratory birds should be allowed and to adopt suitable regulations permitting and governing take for example, hunting seasons for ducks and geese. Fines double if the violator is an organization rather than an individual. The MBTA and its implementing regulations provide authority for the conservation of bald eagles and protect against take if the Endangered Species Act protections are removed.

PDF | The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of bestows legal protection on two North American eagle species in the United States of.

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O pportunities Earth Day Environmental Awards. Photos Posters Videos Publications. The bald eagle can be found on 41 Army installations, and contiguous to 15 more installations. Golden eagles are also found on a number of military installations.

The bald eagle was chosen as a national emblem of the United States by the Continental Congress of and was given legal protection by the Bald Eagle Protection Act of This act was expanded to include the golden eagle in It currently prohibits anyone, without a permit issued by the Secretary of the Interior , from "taking" bald eagles.


Each violation shall be a separate offense. No penalty shall be assessed unless such person is given notice and opportunity for a hearing with respect to such violation. In determining the amount of the penalty, the gravity of the violation, and the demonstrated good faith of the person charged shall be considered by the Secretary.

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Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act


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