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client server model and socket interface pdf

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If you have mastered this topic, you should be able to use the following terms correctly in your assignments and exams:- — Active close — Datagram socket — Active open — Iterative client — Application program — Iterative server — Application programming — Process interface API — Raw socket — Client — Server — Client-server model — Socket — Concurrent client — Socket interface — Concurrent server — Stream socket — Connectionless iterative server — Connection-oriented concurrent server. This type of programming is very involved and requires an advanced knowledge of programming as well as knowledge of the particular language. Should both the applications be able to request services, or should they just do one.

Memory and CPU Management.

TCP Client/Server Communication

For local communication between processes using pipes or using Interjob Communication IJC devices, refer to the Local Interprocess Communication chapter of this manual. Establishes a two-way connection between a server and a single client. Provides reliable byte stream transmission of data with error checking and correction, and message acknowledgement. Provides two-way message transfer between a server and a large number of clients. UDP is not connection-based; each transmission of data packets is an independent event. Provides fast and lightweight data transmission for local packet broadcasts and remote multicasting. Inherently less reliable than TCP.

A network socket is a software structure within a network node of a computer network that serves as an endpoint for sending and receiving data across the network. The structure and properties of a socket are defined by an application programming interface API for the networking architecture. Sockets are created only during the lifetime of a process of an application running in the node. In this context, a socket is externally identified to other hosts by its socket address , which is the triad of transport protocol , IP address , and port number. The term socket is also used for the software endpoint of node-internal inter-process communication IPC , which often uses the same API as a network socket.

File transfer using socket programming in c

In recent years, the need for data collection and analysis is growing in many scientific disciplines. This is consequently causing an increase of research in automated data management and data mining to create reliable methods for data analysis. To deal with the need for smart environments and big computational resources, some previous works proposed to address the problem by moving on remote processing, with the aim of sharing supercomputer resources, algorithms and costs. Following this trend, in this work we propose an architecture for advanced remote data processing in a secure, smart and versatile client—server environment that is capable of integrating pre-existing local software. In order to assess the feasibility of our proposal, we developed a case study in the context of an image-based medical diagnostic environment.

Slide Client-Server Programming

The sample will act as a server or client depending on which buttons you press, i. Also, you can set the same program as client and server ad have it communicate with itself. The data that is sent back and forth over a socket can be anything you like.

Computers can cooperate as equals or in any desired way. Most distributed applications have special roles. For example:.

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