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Latent heat and sensible heat are two forms of energy that are used in explaining the relationship between the temperature and matter. These terms have many applications in our day to day life. The latent heat is the transfer of energy from or to a system during a phase transition of matter.

In other words, such a graph plots the relationship between temperature and the internal energy of a substance. In the graph at the right, some degree of energy is added to ice. The temperature of the ice rises it is in the sensible range until it hits 32 F, at which point the substance doesn't change temperature it is now in the latent range.

Sensible heat

The design cooling load or heat gain is the amount of heat energy to be removed from a house by the HVAC equipment to maintain the house at indoor design temperature when worst case outdoor design temperature is being experienced. The sensible cooling load refers to the dry bulb temperature of the building and the latent cooling load refers to the wet bulb temperature of the building. For summer conditions the humidity influence on the selection of the HVAC equipment and the latent load as well as the sensible load must be calculated. Notice that below grade walls, below grade floors, and floors on concrete slabs do not increase the cooling load on the structure and are therefore ignored. Other sensible heat gains are taken care of by the HVAC equipment before the air reaches the rooms system gains. Two items that may require additional sensible cooling capacity from the HVAC equipment are. Sensible heat load - heating or cooling - and required air volume to keep temperature constant at various temperature differences between entering air and room air are indicated in the chart below:.

Sensible heat is heat exchanged by a body or thermodynamic system in which the exchange of heat changes the temperature of the body or system, and some macroscopic variables of the body or system, but leaves unchanged certain other macroscopic variables of the body or system, such as volume or pressure. The term is used in contrast to a latent heat , which is the amount of heat exchanged that is hidden, meaning it occurs without change of temperature. For example, during a phase change such as the melting of ice, the temperature of the system containing the ice and the liquid is constant until all ice has melted. The terms latent and sensible are correlative. Sensible heat and latent heat are not special forms of energy.

The coastal landscape of Antarctica is dominated by fierce winds that originate over the continental interior, introducing cold, dry air to a relatively warmer and moister atmospheric boundary layer ABL at the outlet of glacial valleys. Coastal polynyas are formed when this strong off-continental flow pushes ice offshore, leaving an area of open water or thin sea ice adjacent to the coast. As cold and dry air is advected over the polynya, the ensuing large ocean—atmosphere temperature and humidity differences can lead to large sensible and latent heat fluxes SHF and LHF, respectively. This modification of the near-surface air above the polynya in TNB has been shown to enhance mesocyclone development, sea ice production, and Antarctic Bottom Water Budillon et al. Citation: Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology 31, 9;

Sensible and latent heat

Latent and sensible heat are types of energy released or absorbed in the atmosphere. Latent heat is related to changes in phase between liquids, gases, and solids. Sensible heat is related to changes in temperature of a gas or object with no change in phase. Why do I care? Latent heat released during any kind of storm increases instability in the atmosphere potentially causing severe weather.

Latent heat , energy absorbed or released by a substance during a change in its physical state phase that occurs without changing its temperature. The latent heat associated with melting a solid or freezing a liquid is called the heat of fusion ; that associated with vaporizing a liquid or a solid or condensing a vapour is called the heat of vaporization. The latent heat is normally expressed as the amount of heat in units of joules or calories per mole or unit mass of the substance undergoing a change of state. Because the heat of vaporization is so large, steam carries a great deal of thermal energy that is released when it condenses, making water an excellent working fluid for heat engines. Latent heat arises from the work required to overcome the forces that hold together atoms or molecules in a material.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Heat production from chickens and other resources inside the broiler house is a major problem for the broiler industry. Temperature and relative humidity RH as well as airflow and broiler physiology directly affect heat production in broiler houses. This study was carried out under laboratory conditions to determine heat production for male broilers. Save to Library.

Sensible and latent heat

The general principles of the mechanisms of heat transfer are well known, but knowledge of the transition between evaporative and non-evaporative heat loss by Holstein cows in field conditions must be improved, especially for low-latitude environments. With this aim 15 Holstein cows managed in open pasture were observed in a tropical region. The latent heat loss from the body surface of the animals was measured by means of a ventilated capsule, while convective heat transfer was estimated by the theory of convection from a horizontal cylinder and by the long-wave radiation exchange based on the Stefan—Boltzmann law.

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Sensible and Latent Heat Productions from Broilers in Laboratory Conditions

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Latent and sensible heat are types of energy released or absorbed in the atmosphere. Latent heat is related to changes in phase between liquids, gases, and solids. Sensible heat is related to changes in temperature of a gas or object with no change in phase.