Astrology And Stock Market Forecasting By Louise Mcwhirter Pdf

astrology and stock market forecasting by louise mcwhirter pdf

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M uch has been published about financial markets and astrology over the last years so this article has to be selective. It draws attention to some of the highlights of that work but is in no way an exhaustive review. I have tried to pick-out some of the themes, and the results that were important both for our understanding of financial astrology and for our practise of astrology generally.

Louise McWhirter - Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting

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Recent additions:. Can assassinations be prevented? The Astrology of Depression by Judith Hill. Understanding the zodiac: and why there really ARE 12 signs of the zodiac, not 13 by Deborah Houlding. View previous topic :: View next topic. I am wondering if anyone out there might be aware of any recent work that has been done using McWhirter's ideas from ?

Astrology and Stock Market Forecasting (McWhirter).pdf

Louise McWhirter October 19, — November 1, [1] was a financial astrologer who purported to use astrology to forecast the financial markets. McWhirter's main theory was that the major of primary trend of business volume and finance is clearly pointed out by the It has been noted that the four crucial signs the top, bottom and two break-even points correspond to the four heads of the cherubim in the Book of Ezekiel. Below is a table of stock market crashes [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] and the respective North Node locations. Please note that the motion of the North is retrograde by default, so that it always travels from West to East, in the opposite way of other planets. McWhirter also lists several secondary factors which tend to raise or depress business, mostly related to aspects of major planets like Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune and Pluto : [2] [6].

Gann J. As the North Node goes through Cancer and Gemini, business volume is above normal, but slowly going to normal. As the Node transits Capricorn [ ] and Sagittarius [ ] , the normal position of the business curve is below normal going to normal. As the Node moved through Capricorn and Sagittarius the general economy approached a very high level of activity in Scorpio , and should peak as the Node passes through the sign of Leo However, W. Moving through the signs of Cancer and Gemini , the economic activity is still positive but beginning to slow to more normal levels.

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However, there are several other important factors that the would be trader must take into consideration.



The key tool uses an astronomical component which consistently and beautifully predicts the angle of attack or slope of a forthcoming trend.

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McWhirter, Louise. Astrology and stock market forecasting,. Published in under title: McWhirter theory of stock market forecasting,. 1. Astrology. 2.



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