Risk Governance Of Offshore Oil And Gas Operations Pdf

risk governance of offshore oil and gas operations pdf

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Elizabeth Tedsen, Researcher, attended the Visionary Arctic conference in Kirkenes Norway , where she presented on the environmental and social risks and benefits attributed to Arctic offshore hydrocarbon development.

It seems that despite the call for renewable energy there is continuous increase in the quest for oil and gas. With the depletion of reserves onshore the search is increasingly being focused on oceans.

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Export to RefWorks. Full text via Cambridge University Press. Title from publisher's bibliographic system viewed on 08 Oct This book evaluates and compares risk regulation and safety management for offshore oil and gas operations in the United States, United Kingdom, Norway and Australia. It provides an interdisciplinary approach with legal, technological and sociological perspectives on efforts to assess and prevent major accidents and improve safety performance. Presented in three parts, it begins with a review of the factors involved in designing, implementing and enforcing a regulatory regime for industrial safety.

Risk Governance of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations

Preben H. He has worked within applied research for twenty-five years, including action-research methodology, occupational health and safety, risk regulation and safety management. His publications include various books in Norwegian as well as articles, papers and chapters in professional and academic journals, books and other media. He was also a partner in the law firm Bracken and Baram for twenty-five years, and previously had been Associate Professor of Engineering and Assistant Dean at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research, publications, legal work and advisory activities have dealt with risk regulation, environmental law, product liability law, occupational safety and risk management in several technological sectors, including the chemicals, biotech, nuclear, and oil and gas industries. He is the author or editor of eight books, most recently Governing Risk in GM Agriculture , with Mathilde Bourrier , and has published numerous articles. Renn is primarily interested in risk governance, political participation and technology assessment.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. The purpose of this workshop, conducted August , , was to identify the range of concerns that have been expressed about the management or governance of the risks unconventional shale gas development may pose and to consider the ability of a range of institutions and actors, both public and private, to manage those risks to the satisfaction of the various interested and potentially affected parties in society. Meredith Lane, director of the National Research Council NRC Board on Environmental Change and Society, opened the workshop by describing the work of the board, which oversees the project that includes this workshop, thanking the sponsors of the workshop, and mentioning some recent and ongoing projects related to shale gas development at the National Academies. She acknowledged the many positive economic and other implications of increased abundance of natural gas but pointed out that the focus of the current project is on the risks of this technology.

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Recent accidents on offshore platforms have demonstrated that the environmental risks of offshore drilling activities concern all regions in the world and all types of companies. Because these accidents have had transboundary impacts, discussions were recently reopened on the suitability of the current international framework to regulate offshore oil and gas activities. In this regard, it clearly appears that there are regulatory gaps, both in terms of safety of offshore drilling activities and liability and compensation in case of accidents. FR EN. Introduction and context : Recent accidents on offshore platforms have demonstrated that the environmental risks of offshore drilling activities concern all regions in the world and all types of companies.

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Arctic Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling: Environmental and Social Impacts

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Request PDF | Risk governance of offshore oil and gas operations | This book evaluates and compares risk regulation and safety management for offshore oil.

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Risk Governance of Offshore Oil and Gas Operations