Animals And Their Homes Young Ones And Sounds Pdf

animals and their homes young ones and sounds pdf

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Animal and their Homes List PDF

Even if you live in a city or the suburbs, miles from the nearest grazing cow, your young child has probably seen or heard about farm animals. It may sound like simple toddler fun, but learning this vocabulary at a young age actually helps your child develop savvy pre-academic and social skills. Franklin, M. While nobody expects your toddler to utter quaketh , there are real benefits of teaching him the modern-day vocabulary. Here are five surprising benefits of teaching farm animal vocabulary to young toddlers.

animals and their young ones for class 1

Each row of the table below gives specific terms for the male, female, young, home, group, sound and related adjective for a type of animal, where special terms exist. Male: Terms for the male of the animal. Where specific terms exist for the castrated and uncastrated male, these are given, followed by c and u respectively. Young: Terms for the young of the animal. Where specific terms exist for the male and female young, these are given, followed by m and f respectively. Home: Terms for the home of the animal.


Different animals live in different kinds of homes. Tiger — Cub, whelp. Download free printable worksheet in PDF.

Skip to content. All Homes Search Contact. Birds and animals are very crucial subject for children as they too are living organisms. Reproduction Animals produce more of their own kind by either laying eggs or giving birth to young ones.

Sounds made by objects. Sounds made by animals. Grammar Lessons.



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