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LO 1 Food and beverage production and service systems: 1.

Best Practices in Food and Beverage Management

Food Beverage Management Assignment Hospitality business food and beverages services form a very important and substantial part of the organisation. The hotel and catering industry is characterised with both diversity and the size of the operations which have a direct impact on the food and beverages department of that hotel or catering service provider. These outlets can be private or public organisations which can be small concerns or large international or multi-chain organisations catering to needs of a diverse variety of customers.

Letizia, Every business firm has to cater to the needs of the clients and the services that are rendered to the people are provided at a certain monetary value. The value is fixed in such a way that the client is ready to pay the value and it also beneficial for the company. But the process of fixing the value is very complex and has various aspects. Some of them we will study in this report. Through this Unit 5 Food and Beverage Management Assignment we understood the various food and beverages production and service systems and what factors affect their operations and success.

Food Beverage Management Assignment Food Beverage Management Assignment Hospitality business food and beverages services form a very important and substantial part of the organisation. Demonstrate the use of cost and pricing processes. Food production includes processing and serving of raw, semi cooked or prepared foodstuffs through various methods and processes in ready to serve or preserved form.

This method helps in specializing in food and bulk production leading to costs effectiveness and high levels of hygiene. Cook freeze : this method includes rapid chilling of normally prepared food which can be stored for later use. It involves minimum capital and staff for operation. Libfsb, Cost can be defined as the total expenses incurred for producing the goods or services including the money, time and labour whereas price is the amount of money required to purchase a product or service.

Discounts: These are the amount or percentage of money which is reduced from the market price of the product for specific period or persons. Menu pricing must be followed with the basic policies and approaches of the industry to determine the profit targets.

It also should be helpful in achieving the desired sales volumes. Hunt, Food Beverage Management Assignment Compile food and beverage menus for a hospitality event. The menu provides the first impression of the organisation to its customer.

It provides the centre to a food and beverage operation by communicating about everything regarding the type of operations like staffing, production, service methods etc. It is responsible for driving the image, quality and the theme of the establishment. Justify the selection and suitability of recipes for menus. While compiling the menu I have taken into consideration all the nutritional values and the balanced diet issues.

The menu contains a mix of items that complement each other and provide a balanced diet and variety of food also taking into consideration the health, safety and hygiene issues. Separate provisions are made for vegetarian customers and children are provided with items which they readily accept and relish. Also I took into consideration the cooking time and skills needed to prepare the dishes thereby selecting sausages, chips, salads etc.

Jack potatoes with vegetables, provides adequate nutritional values and balance of colour. I choose fish, rice and fresh salad because this dish is low in fat, contains carbohydrate and vitamins and it is good for health conscious or diabetic persons. Beverages are in accordance to the age and preferences. I chose Buffet service as less staff is required and food can be served efficiently and effectively.

Bojangles, n. By means of this report, I have thrown light on some of the factors that are always considered by the people who operate in the food and beverage industry. It is also understood that the people who draft the menu have considered the needs and demands of all age groups in order to keep the customers happy. Task C Review of recent development a.

Plan a food and beverage service for a hospitality event within an agreed budget. There are various factors both internal and external that affect the recipes and menus for specific systems of food and beverages operations.

Demographic characteristics, food habits and preferences and customer value have a great effect on the menus and recipes. The size of the kitchen, prices of listed items, types of services, management cost decisions, flavour and appearance of dishes and their nutrition value also affect the menu and recipe of a specific system.

Space and equipment available in the kitchen has a direct impact on the composition and variety of the menu, a small kitchen with limited equipment can provide service to a limited number of customers with a limited range of products. Implement the planned service maintaining standards of quality and health, safety and security. Staff behaviour and communication with the customers is a great quality for the staff which symbolises the attitude of the staff and the management towards its customers.

A good quality staff having polite behaviour and having excellent communication skills lead to increase in the sales of the operations and also trough proper recommendation of items from the serving staff helps the customer in choosing the right combinations and choices of the food products thus enhancing their satisfaction and experience.

Quality standards include production and service preparation and planning, cooking, presentation and setting up of standards which have to be maintained. By quality it is implied that the every standard be it staff, service or product provided, storage, preparation and handling must be of best quality and all equipment and staff must be hygienically maintained.

The staff must be properly trained and must have knowledge of dealing with these kinds of situations and accidents. Security is one of the major reasons of customers coming to an event. If the customer feels safe and sound it will feel secure and thus satisfied and will be attracted towards the event.

Libfsb, c. Evaluate factors to determine the success of the service, making recommendations for improvement. There are various factors affecting and determining the success of the services like planning and organisation of the management which include proper selection of food service, style of cooking, style of menu, procurement, storage and deliverance of food and beverages.

Customer satisfaction, setting and implementing standards, quality control etc. This increases the loyalty of the existing customers leading to repeat arrival and also recommendations to others by the customers.

William, n. Of the various systems of food and beverages outlets, Buffet or counter method of food service is a unique system involving a modified version of true self-service style of system. In this system the food is provided by displaying and providing the various food items and products attractively on a series of counters or tables from where the customer can choose the products of his choice.

Presentation and display of the food stuff is the most important factor in this kind of service. Buffet service system is most suitable and convenient for large events, conferences, banqueting, restaurants, hotels and places where large numbers of customers are involves such as sales, promotions or special weeks or food festivals. The customer after paying a fixed price can eat from the Buffet table as much and as many repeated times as he wants or needs.

Through least number of staff a large number of customers can be provided with facility to eat. Buffet services provide various advantages to the customers such as a large variety to choose from, being a part of the process whereas the organisation is able to minimize the staff requirement and services. Buffet system also often lead to wastage by the customer and also has high food and production cost implications.

Sometimes queuing and shortage of a particular product or its bad presentation can lead to negative impact on the sales or customer satisfaction. These systems adapt various different methods of serving the prepared food to the customer in their own unique and different way. Tags: clients and the services conclusion of food and beverage service Food and Beverage Management Assignment food service management assignment management of food and beverage operations.

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Food and beverage manufacturing operations management software

Food and Beverage Operations Management. The food and beverage is one of the largest industries for any country, since it offers the job to large group. This area is quite appealing to a lot of people who are keen in hospitality sector. This includes restaurants, pubs, lounges, coffees, fast food outlets etc. This business can be for locals as well as for international customers in a variety of enterprises. The financial statements are the statements of the finances of any firm.

Create an Eventtrix account here. Already have an account? Login here. Already member? Among other things, owning a successful catering or party planning business requires an understanding of food, beverages, and the service of each. In this course, you will gain mastery in the following topics to help you make your business as desirable as possible to prospective clients:.

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Request PDF | Food and Beverage Management 6th edition | This introductory textbook provides a thorough guide to the management of food and beverage.

Food and Beverage Management (see1)

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Food and Beverage Operations Management

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Cousins et al: Food and Beverage Management, 3rd edition, Goodfellows Publishers. Food and beverages. ▫ Food: includes a wide range of styles.



PDF | Presents several practices that have been used to manage food and beverages in hotels in the United States. Restaurant design and.

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Food Beverage Management Assignment Hospitality business food and beverages services form a very important and substantial part of the organisation.

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