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Scientific Translation Techniques

Among the urgent problems of modern translation, the development of such a field as the translation of scientific and technical texts takes an important place, in connection with the accelerating scientific and technical process this type of translation is becoming more and more in demand. The translation of a foreign language text is always associated with many difficulties that arise in the way of an interpreter. When translating, all the subtleties of a foreign language must be taken into account. The task of an interpreter is to feel the style of the article, to convey all the subtleties of the translated material without distorting the original source. One of the most complicated types of translation is a scientific and technical translation, since for an adequate interpretation of a material in another language, not only linguistic but technical knowledge is required as well. Technical translation is the translation of texts of technical subjects, in particular, documents of different specialization, all kinds of reference literature, dictionaries, product conformity certificates, operating instructions, engineering plans, scientific and technical articles, business contracts and other commercial technical proposals. Authors of scientific works avoid the usage of many expressive means of language, in order not to violate the basic principle of the scientific and technical language — the accuracy and clarity of the presentation.

He adapted the original content for this translation in order to reach a broader audience. Some time ago, a few students and rookie translators who were interested in the technical-scientific aspects of our profession caused me to reflect upon my own journey. My training took the latter path. The observations presented here, however, are based on my experience in the international market, where I often collaborate with colleagues from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. Many colleagues find that technical-scientific translation is a logical niche within the profession, and thus proactively seek out such work. Others enter the field through unexpected opportunities, and find themselves challenged and excited by the work.

Every new invention, every technology, each electronic device, domestic and industrial equipment, each productin process, or manufacturing method has to be patended. If you need the translation of your patent you are welcome to make a request for translation! To get an assurance that your business is safe you have to have a warranty between you or your company and another party with which you made an agreement. Undoubtedly you will need the translation of warranty for maintenance, operation, repair, spare parts, consumables, and overhaul. We translate warranties for all your business and commerce purposes into the language of your partner or supplier. Any transaction or business relation is guided by policies. There are multitudes of policies both for internal codes of conduct and for external interactions between the parties on a B2C and B2B level.

Difficulties of the translation of scientific and technical texts

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Technical-Scientific Translation: A Wondrous Voyage

Scientific translators are often trained linguists that specialize in fields such as medicine, biology or chemistry. Sometimes they are scientists that have developed a high degree of linguistic knowledge, which they apply to the translation of texts in their field of expertise. Collaboration between linguists and subject specialists is really common in this case. Clarity and concision are the main stylistic goals of scientific translation, which must convey the exact meaning of the original text. Ambiguities and unclear constructions are characteristics of the literary texts and must not be found anywhere is scientific translation.

Scientific and Technical Translation

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PDF | On Dec 1, , Mingwu Xu and others published Olohan, Maeve. Scientific and Technical Translation | Find, read and cite all the.

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Machine translation. Nominativus cum inlinitivo. Research and development. Source language. Source text. Scientific and technical translation. Target language.

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Editors' Preface: Technical Translation and the American Translator SUE ELLEN AND LELAND WRIGHTTechnical translation, as defined for the purpose of this.