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difference between power and energy pdf kids

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B the energy of motion.

Electricity flows in two ways: either in an alternating current AC or in a direct current DC. Electricity or "current" is nothing but the movement of electrons through a conductor, like a wire. The difference between AC and DC lies in the direction in which the electrons flow.

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Potential and kinetic energy math problems answer key

I think almost everybody that gets seriously into science is driven by curiosity. Or something else? Next, we can ask our students what data they need to answer the question, and how they can collect that data—how they can investigate.

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Think of water held in a dam. Chemical potential energy from food can be changed to what kind of energy? Download our free PDF or App. Learn about kinetic and gravitational potential energy. The motion of loop-the loop is analy JavaScript is disabled on your browser.

Geothermal energy is the thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth. Thermal energy is the energy that determines the temperature of matter.

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AC vs. DC (Alternating Current vs. Direct Current)

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Electricity is the flow of electrical power or charge. It is a secondary Magnets are different; the molecules in magnets are arranged so that the electrons spin in the same EIA Main Home Page • Related Links • Kid's Page Privacy • Contact Us.

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Materials developed by the National Energy Education Development Project (​NEED). What is Energy? Energy is found in different forms, such as light, heat, sound and motion. There They are used to make electricity, to heat our homes, to move our EIA Main Home Page • Related Links • Kid's Page Privacy • Contact Us.