H1b Visa Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

h1b visa interview questions and answers pdf

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The following are some sample questions that can be asked at a H-1B visa interview. These questions are compiled from individual experiences posted in path2usa discussion forums. Since each case is different, expect some variation in these questions during your interview. Treat them as sample set and preparation tool only.

H-1B Visa: Process & Interview Questions

The following are some sample questions that can be asked at a H-1B visa interview. These questions are compiled from individual experiences posted in path2usa discussion forums.

Since each case is different, expect some variation in these questions during your interview. Treat them as sample set and preparation tool only. Questions about your intent: What is the purpose of your trip to the United States?

Do you have any family in the United States? Why are you changing your Job? Why do you want to work in the US? Have you applied for visa for any other country? Do you know what is the living cost in the U. When are you planning to travel? How will you survive for the first month? Have you been to any other country before? If yes, how long was your stay there? Will you come back to India?

When will you return to India? Why would you want to return to India? Is it your first H1B or visa revalidation? After the conclusion of your visa, what do you plan to do? Questions about your education and experience: Are you a student? Which university is your degree from? What was your thesis about? What software you know? Do you have work experience with these? What courses did you complete in India? Show me your certificates. Show me your educational certificates and experience letters? Tell me about the jobs you have done, and your work experience.

What is your highest educational qualification? Questions about your current job and company: How long have you been working? Where are you working currently? What is your current salary? What is your current role in the current company? Is it an Indian company you currently work for? Questions about your sponsoring company: What is the company you are going to work for in USA?

Where are you going to work in US? Why are you joining [New Company]? How do you know this is a real company? When did you receive your offer letter? What will you be working on there? Is it an internal project? I need a client letter describing your work project. Tell me what do you know about [New Company]? When was the US company founded?

Tell me about the project and the company client you will be working for? How did you find out about this company? How did you contact the [New Company]? What is the current project you will be working on? What are your responsibilities and for which client are you going to work for? Do you have any proof from your new employer regarding your responsibilities?

Do you have any company photographs? How long has the company been in the current location? How many rounds of interviews has the US company conducted? What is the name of your interviewer? Can you give me the dates of your interview? Who are the clients for your U. What are the technologies you are working on? What kind of projects is the U. What is the annual turn over of the company? How many employees does the U. Company have? Will you be working from [New Company] office or client's place?

What is the salary you will get in USA? How many rounds of interviews did the U. What are they? Path2usa will load in a few seconds. Previous Next. Work Visa H1B Visa. H1B Visa Guide. Steps for H1B Visa. H1B Visa Interview. Required Documents. Documents Required for H1B. Sample Documents. Additional reading. Related Articles. Recent Questions on H-1B Visa. Ask An Immigration Lawyer. Trending Discussions on I View Discussions.

Questions to Expect during your F1 Visa Interview

I was planning to write about the interview process and interview questions for sometime now. But, majority of them with H-1B approval for and fiscal year will appear for H-1B visa interviews after mid September. Key to getting H-1B visa is to know what kind of H-1B visa interview questions will be asked and how to answer them. If you fumble for any H-1B visa interview questions, then you are creating doubts about you during H-1B interview. I was prepared with all the documents required for H-1B visa interview and also read a few forums about H-1B visa questions.

The H1B visa interview is the final part of the application before they issue the visa. The applicant must convince the official asking the questions that they are fit to get the H1B visa. The Embassy will schedule the interview at an appropriate time. You as the applicant must make sure to attend it at that time. If you must reschedule, you have to inform the Embassy beforehand. The Embassy will reschedule, but this will increase the processing time of your visa.

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What to Expect During an H-1B Visa Interview

H-1B Visa permits the American companies to provide temporary employment opportunities to immigrants in various professions. The U. Citizenship and Immigration Service USCIS issues a total of 85, such visas — 65, for those applicants who have a bachelor degree or equivalent, and 20, for possesor of master's degree or higher education from American Universities. Indians are the main beneficiries of this visa.

H1B Visa Interview Questions

One of our readers, Sathish, got his H1B visa stamping done successfully without client letter. He was gracious enough to share his experience with us. Firstly, congrats to Sathish and Thanks a lot for taking time to write up his experience.

25 min of H1B Visa Stamping Interview – No Client Letter, Only Vendor Letter, India 2013

This Master List is aggregated from various online H-1B communities and will be updated very frequently. How do you relate your current work to your education? Thank you. Can you please insert a section for CPT Questions as well? It would be very helpful to have a list of questions that cater to students who are on CPT and are moving to H1B. I enjoy what you guys are up too.

International students interested in studying inside the US do not have it easy. Not only do you have to worry about being accepted into a desirable and competitive program at a US college or university, you also have to convince the US government to grant you an F1 student visa in order to pursue your studies. After a tedious F1 Visa application process international students are put through a visa interview in English, which can be intimidating for those that use English as a second language. Not only will the students need to ensure that they attend the interview with all of the required documentation, they need to be prepared to answer specific, personal questions regarding their plans for study and stay in the US.

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General. Q: Good morning. How are you doing today? A: Good morning. I am fine​, and how about you? Q: What is the purpose of your trip? A: Employment in the.

H1B Visa Interview Questions

H1B Visa Interview Questions And Answers

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H-1B Visa Interview

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Current Employer/H1B Employer. Which company do you work for as of now? How long have you been working for in this company? What are your current responsibilities? Why are you leaving your current company? Please show us your experience letters? How did you come to know about your employer in the US?