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Everything you need to know about the distinction and differences between training and development.

Employee training and development is an indispensable part of human resource function and management. Both the activities aim at improving the performance and productivity of the employees. Training is a program organized by the organization to develop knowledge and skills in the employees as per the requirement of the job. Conversely, Development is an organized activity in which the manpower of the organization learn and grow; it is a self-assessment act.


These two words Training and Development and their difference plays a very prominent role for new and existing employees. These two things create value for both the Employees and the Firm. For Employees, it will be beneficial for them to have practical experience before doing actual work. The Firm will also get the benefit of doing fewer mistakes from employees. Training and Development is a part of HRM.

The Difference Between Training and Development

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Read this article to learn about the meaning and distinction between training, development and education! There is nothing wrong if the CEO of a company after going through this chapter, you will expects quality work performance from his employees, current and potential. If workers and employees are good and not performing up to the mark, they need to be trained to raise their level of skill, knowledge and versatility. The complexity of jobs increases the need for training. The advancement in technology, wide use of computerization and related sophistication has increased the need for training by manifold. The learning of skills and increase in the level of understanding of the employees has become imperative. Training widens the knowledge of the employee.

The terms training and development are used in human resource management. Although they seem to refer to the same practice, detailed analysis shows that there are differences between the two words. Training is the process of equipping employees in a specific organization with specific skills, competency, and knowledge so that they can be able to handle various tasks. Training practices are mostly done to new employees so, that they can familiarize themselves with the operations of the entity. Development is the process through which organizations equip employees with skills and knowledge to the extent that they can have steady growth and they can handle any job that is offered by the agency. Moreover, development is undertaken to help individual employees within the premises of the organization to have management skills after proving themselves at junior levels. The primary difference between training and development is that training aims to ensure that employees of the organization are equipped with skills and knowledge so, that they can be able to handle specific jobs in the company.

The Difference between Training and Development.

Lessonly's training software helps teams learn, practice, and do Better Work. It is well known that to get a job one must be a generalist, but to be successful within the position requires that the new hire quickly adapt to the specialization required of the position. An employee training and development program, which allows for a seamless transition between these two realities, is the best way for organizations to get the most bangs for their recruitment buck. Best practices recognized the distinction between training and development, and they structure their learning modules accordingly to address each side of the quotient by building programs that distinguish between training and development curricula. As an industry, employee training and development programs are thriving.

Development is a long-term educational process utilizing an organized and systematic procedure by which managerial personnel learns conceptual and theoretical knowledge for general purpose. It covers not only those activities which improve job performance but also those activities which improve the personality of an employee. Management development refers to teaching managers and professionals to increase knowledge, skills, attitude, needed for both present and future jobs. Training is the process of teaching employees the basic skills they need to perform their jobs.

The words training and development are mostly used together in the corporate world and are seen as activities focused on improving the knowledge, performance and productivity of the employees. However, there is a distinct difference between their meanings and implications, which are often overlooked by a majority of professionals. Training programs are organized by the organization to develop employees' knowledge and skills as per their job requirements. On the other side, development is not directly related to job requirement, rather it aims at the generic development of the individual employees for the long run.

Training, Development and Education: Meaning and Distinction

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These are the four differences that will help you to distinguish between these two concepts and which you must always take into account when talking about training or development:.

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is the act of learning basic skills and knowledge necessary for a particular job or a group of jobs.