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signs and symptoms of hepatitis b pdf

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Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver. Hepatitis B is hepatitis caused by the hepatitis B virus. Hepatitis B virus spreads through contact with infected blood. Specifically, hepatitis B may be spread through:.

Hepatitis B - symptoms, treatment, vaccination

It can be acute and resolve without treatment. However, some forms can be chronic, and these could lead to cirrhosis and liver cancer. HBV is a major global health concern. In fact, in , HBV-related liver disease caused around , deaths worldwide. For most adults, HBV is a short term condition that causes no permanent damage.

The hepatitis B germ virus can cause a short-term acute infection, which may or may not cause symptoms. Following an acute infection, a minority of infected adults develop a persistent infection called chronic hepatitis B. Many people with chronic hepatitis B remain well, but can still pass on the virus to others. Some develop serious liver problems. The virus is mainly passed on by sexual contact, by sharing needles to inject drugs, and from mother to baby.

For some people, hepatitis B infection becomes chronic, meaning it lasts more than six months. Having chronic hepatitis B increases your risk of developing liver failure, liver cancer or cirrhosis — a condition that permanently scars of the liver. Most adults with hepatitis B recover fully, even if their signs and symptoms are severe. Infants and children are more likely to develop a chronic long-lasting hepatitis B infection. A vaccine can prevent hepatitis B, but there's no cure if you have the condition. If you're infected, taking certain precautions can help prevent spreading the virus to others. Signs and symptoms of hepatitis B range from mild to severe.

Hepatitis B

People from endemic areas Asia, Africa , or injection drug users and those with high-risk sexual behaviors, are at an increased risk for infection. Most people are asymptomatic, although some will present with complications such as cirrhosis, hepatocellular carcinoma, or liver failure. Serologic markers are essential in making the diagnosis and evaluating disease activity, including differentiating between people with acute and chronic infection and chronic asymptomatic carriers. Goal of treatment is to improve survival and quality of life by preventing disease progression. Current treatments do not completely eradicate the virus.

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Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver tissue. Hepatitis A, B, and D are preventable with immunization. Worldwide in , hepatitis A occurred in about million people, chronic hepatitis B affected about million people and chronic hepatitis C about million people. Both drug-induced hepatitis and autoimmune hepatitis can present very similarly to acute viral hepatitis, with slight variations in symptoms depending on the cause. Fulminant hepatitis, or massive hepatic cell death , is a rare and life-threatening complication of acute hepatitis that can occur in cases of hepatitis B, D, and E, in addition to drug-induced and autoimmune hepatitis. Acute cases of hepatitis are seen to be resolved well within a six-month period. When hepatitis is continued for more than six months it is termed chronic hepatitis.

Hepatitis B is a viral infection transmissible through the exchange of various aged 5 years and over, around 30–50% will show initial signs and symptoms.

Hepatitis B - symptoms, treatment, vaccination

HBV is one of five types of viral hepatitis. The others are hepatitis A, C, D, and E. Each is a different type of virus, and types B and C are most likely to become chronic. Acute hepatitis B causes symptoms to appear quickly in adults. Infants infected at birth rarely develop only acute hepatitis B.

Everything you need to know about hepatitis B

Hepatitis B

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HBV can cause acute hepatitis as well as chronic hepatitis. This is because the syndromic presentation of HBV infection is determined by the age of the host at.

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31 Hepatitis B virus infection has different clinical manifestations depending on the patient's age at infection and immune status, and the stage at which the disease.

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