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Chihiro Furuya is a male high school student with a keen interest in zombies, collecting zombie-related videogames, film and manga, and even to the point of desiring to "kiss a zombie girl".

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Zombie books to devour... like brains

He sat with his back pressed hard against the red cliff, his scrotum tight with cold, a leathery wrinkled purse with only twopence in it, the skin tough and thick, like the gizzards of chickens, like the worm-eaten rock where his father stood, with cold water up above his chest, chiselling lumps of rock and dropping them into a wire basket. Oscar pushed his back hard against Hennacombe Cliff and while the wind brought a small storm of sand to dance around his ankles, he talked to God. He did not do this in the distant and ritualistic way the Anglican Stratton was said to do, with crossing and kneeling. His friend Tommy Croucher claimed to have seen an angel. Parties of two or three or more would ride up and silently seat themselves on the grass.

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The Enemy is a post-apocalyptic young adult horror novel written by Charlie Higson. The book takes place in London , United Kingdom , after a worldwide sickness has infected adults, turning them into something akin to voracious, cannibalistic zombies. The Enemy is the first book in a planned series of seven. A group in a local Waitrose supermarket, led by a boy named Arran and his second-in-command, a girl named Maxie, grows increasingly frustrated as children are kidnapped and killed by infected adults, who are becoming smarter. A scavenger party, composed of Arran, a short-fused fighter named Achilleus, a slingshot marksman named Ollie, and best friends Freak and Deke, becomes trapped by infected adults while exploring a building. During the ensuing fight, Deke is killed when his lung is punctured by a shard of glass, and Arran is bitten by a zombie he believes to be his mother. The bite sickens him, and the group barely escapes.

Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

Warm Bodies is a American paranormal romantic [5] [6] zombie comedy film written and directed by Jonathan Levine and based on Isaac Marion 's novel of the same name , which in turn is inspired by Shakespeare 's Romeo and Juliet. The film focuses on the development of the relationship between Julie Palmer , a young woman, and "R" Hoult , a zombie, and how their eventual romance develops, causing R to slowly return to human form. The film is noted for displaying human characteristics in zombie characters, and for being told from a zombie's perspective. About eight years after a zombie apocalypse , R, a zombie, spends his days wandering around an airport which is now filled with his fellow undead, including his best friend M. R and M achieve rudimentary communication with grunts and moans and occasional near-words. As a zombie, R does not have a heartbeat and constantly craves human flesh, especially brains, as he is able to "feel alive" through experiencing the victims' memories when he eats them.

It's Raining Cupcakes. Aladdin, [p]. Though she also loves to bake, adventurous Isabel is otherwise her mother's opposite, and she particularly longs to travel her mother's fear of flying has kept the family limited to local vacation options ; when her friend Sophie discovers a baking contest for kids with finals held in New York City, Isabel sees this as her big chance—if her mother doesn't turn this into yet another thing that's all about her. Isabel has a perky, believable preteen voice, and Schroeder writes with understanding of a family that's shaped itself indulgently around one member's frailties at the expense of everything else. That problem is never really faced head-on, though, with Isabel's dad getting off scot-free for his poor choices and the ease of Isabel's mother's eventual willed improvement making her seem all the more selfish for never trying before; the story also begins to accumulate contrivances toward the end without ever really providing a climax. The easygoing accessibility will draw readers, however, and they'll find both the fictional cupcakes and the fidelity to Isabel's feelings sweet reward.

Delacorte, [p]. Library ed. Despite being surrounded by post-humans, Alley has no taste for them, unlike many of the girls in her school, who think it's cool to date a post-human and who even consider "converting. By the time she realizes what everyone else already knows—that Doug is a zombie—she's beyond caring. Although her parents are supportive, not everyone is—her creepy vampire guidance counselor, for instance, doesn't approve of mixed relationships and wants Alley to convert as [End Page ] soon as possible.

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Romancing the Zombie: Essays on Loving the Undead in the 21st Century

Adam Selzer born July 13, , in Des Moines, Iowa is an American author, originally of young adult and middle grade novels, though his work after had primarily been adult nonfiction. It became a notable choice for classroom reading. Most of his books and many of his songs take place in Cornersville Trace, a fictional suburb of Des Moines.

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Adam Selzer

Новый стандарт шифрования. Отныне и навсегда. Шифры, которые невозможно взломать. Банкиры, брокеры, террористы, шпионы - один мир, один алгоритм. Анархия. - Какой у нас выбор? - спросила Сьюзан. Она хорошо понимала, что в отчаянной ситуации требуются отчаянные меры, в том числе и от АНБ.

Сьюзан ответила ему теплой улыбкой. Ее всегда поражало, что даже в преддверии катастрофы Стратмор умел сохранять выдержку и спокойствие. Она была убеждена, что именно это качество определило всю его карьеру и вознесло на высшие этажи власти. Уже направляясь к двери, Сьюзан внимательно посмотрела на ТРАНСТЕКСТ. Она все еще не могла свыкнуться с мыслью о шифре, не поддающемся взлому. И взмолилась о том, чтобы они сумели вовремя найти Северную Дакоту.

I Kissed a Zombie, and I Liked It (review). Karen Coats. Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books, Volume 63, Number 7, March. , pp. (Review).

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