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The rules for Discus Throw game are laid and governed by IAAF for the discus, the playing environment, and for the player itself. Rules Regarding Discus.

Note for my IT Experiences. Accueil Contact. All athletes are instructed in javelin safety rules and regulations prior to being allowed to throw or compete. After competition no additional throws are permitted.. A judgment in the javelin throw that the metal head has not touched the

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Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description Discus throw is one such popular event in the Olympics more to the point, the basic objective of the sport is pretty simple and it is all about throwing the heavy discus farther than his or her opponents. An insight into the rule and regulations of discus throw : An insight into the rule and regulations of discus throw PowerPoint Presentation: In general sports require loads of strength and endurance that too in particular track and field events. Considered as one of the oldest sports in the world discus is a popular track and field event wherein participator throws a weighed disc.

The discus throw is a field event that has been competed since the days of the ancient Greek Olympiad. The discus is a circular object held in the tips of the fingers by an athlete standing in a circle, initially facing away from the landing area or sector. The athlete quickly spins around one and half times, building momentum, before releasing the discus. The mechanics of the discus throw are intricate and are typically mastered over several years time. The discus should be made of solid or hollow wood or synthetic material with a metal rim encircling the discus. The top and bottom of the discus must be identical and must be smooth throughout. The center of the discus should be raised and taper to the rim.

Discus throw

Competitors must have one legal throw in the preliminaries. If the competitor, after the throw, is not under control, before exiting the back of the circle. The throw must be made from behind the scratch line arc and must fall within the sector made by extending the radii of the scratch line arc through the intersection of the arc with the runway lines. The throwing circle is made of band iron, steel or other suitable material, the top of which is flush with the ground outside or the synthetic surface or concrete surround. To place in a throwing event, a competitor shall have had at least one legal throw. The interior of the circle is constructed of concrete and must not be slippery. In the long jump, standing long jump and throwing events shot put, softball throw, mini-javelin and tennis ball throw each athlete shall be allowed three non-consecutive attempts.

Home About My account Contact Us. Once the throw is completed the athlete must exit the circle from the back half. If during the throw the thrower touches any of the following with any body part or item of clothing o Upper side of the iron ring o At any position outside the circle. The discus is a circular object held in the tips of the fingers by an athlete standing in a circle, initially facing away from the landing area or sector. Discus throw is an athletic discipline with the main objective of throwing an object with a certain weight in a circular shape known as a disc, as far as possible.

Discus throw , sport in athletics track and field in which a disk-shaped object, known as a discus, is thrown for distance. In modern competition the discus must be thrown from a circle 2. The sport was known in the days of the Greek poet Homer , who mentions it in both the Iliad and the Odyssey , and it was one of five events included in the pentathlon in the ancient Olympic Games. Throwing the discus was introduced as an event in modern athletics when the Olympic Games were revived at Athens in Early modern athletes threw the discus from an inclined pedestal, using an exaggerated style derived from ancient representations of the sport. Throwing from a 2. The modern throwing style is a graceful whirling movement, with the athlete making about one and a half quick turns while accelerating across the circle.

Rules Regarding Throw. The discus can only be thrown by an athlete when he or she will stand inside a circle which has a diameter of m. During the course of throw, the athletes are prohibited from touching the top of the rim. An athlete cannot touch the ground beyond the circle.

The Rules and Regulations Every Discus Thrower Should Be Aware Of

Decathlon General Rules for the Wheelchair Racing 1. Rules for the offense The basketball team on offense is the team with the basketball. Female: 3. As with each event, the shot put has a standardized measuring method.

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Amongst athletic track and field events, discus throw is a prominent event. The article below elaborates the rules of this game, and the specifications of the equipment used in this sport. Track and field events, needless to say need a lot of strength and endurance. There are many events under the umbrella of track and field events in the Olympics and otherwise. One of them is the discus throw. I am positive that many of you must have seen the athletes fling that unbelievably heavy disc out of that cage. The objective of the athletes is to land the disc farther than his or her opponents.

It is needless to say that discus throw is a game that needs a lot of strength and endurance. So after a lot of hard work if you will lose your points on the field for some foul throw then it is very demotivating. Hence knowing the necessary rules and practicing in accordance to them well in advance is going to help you a lot.

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