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control and coordination class 12 pdf

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These hormones are diffused around the plant cells.

Neural Control and Coordination Notes For bio Download in pdf

Living organisms respond to various stimuli like heat, light, cold, touch, pressure etc. Example : Withdrawal of hand on touching a hot object. Control and Coordination in Animals It is brought about in all animals with the help of two main systems a Nervous System b Endocrine System Nervous System : Consists of Brain,Spinal network and a huge network of nerves. Functions i To receive the information from environment ii To receive the information from various body parts. The dendrites are branching fibres that receive electrical signals from other neurons.

Control and Co-ordination in Animals: Nervous system and endocrine system. Receptors: Receptors are the specialized tips of the nerve fibres that collect the information to be conducted by the nerves. Receptors are in the sense organs of the animals. These are classified as follows :. Nervous System: The nervous system is composed of specialized tissues, called nervous tissue. The nerve cell or neuron is the functional unit of the nervous system. It is the nervous system which is mainly responsible for control and coordination in complex animals.

The human neural system is composed of -. The CNS comprises the brain and the spinal cord and is the place of information processing and control. There are two divisions in the Peripheral nervous system. Peripheral Nervous System. The Autonomic Nervous system is further divided. Autonomic Nervous System.

Control and Coordination Class 10 Notes Science Chapter 7

These notes are well designed as per the curriculum by our highly experienced subject experts. Our Class 11 Biology Revision Notes for Chapter 21 Neural Control and Coordination cover all the crucial topics, methodologies, facts, and figures that would help students remember what was taught in the class and increase their confidence. Central Neural System — Brain is the central information processing organ of our body and act as command and control centre. Cerebrum is divided into left and right cerebral hemispheres which are covered by cerebral cortex grey matter. Cerebral cortex contains sensory neuron, motor neuron and association area. Association area controls complex functions like intersensory associations, memory and communication.

CBSE Class 11 Biology Revision Notes Chapter 21 - Neural Control and Coordination

Vidyakul Control and Coordination Class 10 Notes were made by expert teacher to help students in revision for board exam. Unknown November 17, at PM. Coordination And Control Geek Mcq.

Control and Coordination Class 10 Notes pdf Science Biology CBSE

Action potential : A sudden change in the electrical charges in the plasma membrane of a nerve fibre. Aqueous humour : The thin watery fluid that occupy space between lens and cornea in eye. Blind spot : A spot on ratina which is free from rods and cones and lack the ability for vision. Cerebrospinal fluid : An alkaline fluid present in between inner two layer of meninges. Cerebellum : A part of hind brain that controls the balance and posture of the body. Cochlea : A spirally coiled part of internal ear which is responsible for hearing.

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NEURAL CONTROL AND COORDINATION. connections for a quick coordination. about the neural system of human, mechanisms of neural coordination Distinguish between: (a) afferent neurons and efferent neurons.

control and coordination class 12 pdf

Human Neural System

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Control and Coordination Class 10 Notes Science Chapter 7

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