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pros and cons of semi structured interviews pdf

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Semistructured in-depth interviews are commonly used in qualitative research and are the most frequent qualitative data source in health services research. This method typically consists of a dialogue between researcher and participant, guided by a flexible interview protocol and supplemented by follow-up questions, probes and comments. The method allows the researcher to collect open-ended data, to explore participant thoughts, feelings and beliefs about a particular topic and to delve deeply into personal and sometimes sensitive issues.

Differences Between Structured, Unstructured and Semi-Structured Interviews

Structured and unstructured interviews are common methods of gathering data in research. While structured interviews are mostly used in quantitative observation, an unstructured interview is usually applied to qualitative data collection because it pays attention to describing the research subjects. Apart from the key difference highlighted above, there are other things a researcher must know about the natures of structured and unstructured interviews. Hence, it is important for the interviewer to understand the many differences between a structured interview and an unstructured interview. A structured interview is a type of interview in which the researcher asks a set of premeditated questions in order to gather information about the research subjects.

The use of semi-structured interviews in qualitative research: strengths and weaknesses

A semi-structured interview is a method of research used most often in the social sciences. While a structured interview has a rigorous set of questions which does not allow one to divert, a semi-structured interview is open, allowing new ideas to be brought up during the interview as a result of what the interviewee says. The interviewer in a semi-structured interview generally has a framework of themes to be explored. Semi-structured interviews are widely used in qualitative research ; [1] for example in household research, such as couple interviews. A semi-structured interview involving, for example, two spouses can result in "the production of rich data, including observational data. An unstructured interview is the opposite of structured interview, because it tends to be more informal and free flowing and it is more like an everyday conversation. A structured interview is a type of interview that is completely planned, which means every interviewee gets the same interview questions.

This PDF document was made available from as a public service of the 2 Data Collection Methods: Semi-Structured Interviews and Focus Groups. Using the In seeking a very complete response, interviews and focus groups are most likely to pro- vide the This is particularly the case when there are con-.

A Quick Guide to Semi-Structured Interviews

Market research is not always a cut and dry process. In other words, you may want to gather telling customer data to inform business decisions, but you may not know what questions to ask on a survey or in a structured interview. There are market research methods e. With the help of a semi-structured interview, respondents can express their views openly, you can learn about issues your stakeholders have, and you can gather the information you need to propel your agile market research project forward. A semi-structured interview falls somewhere between a fully structured survey and an unstructured, casual conversation.

Whichever type of interview structure you use, make sure it provides the best candidate experience to candidates in your pipeline. There are three basic types of job interviews : structured interviews, unstructured interviews, and semi-structured interviews. How can you know which one to use when? Recruiters, human resource teams, and hiring managers should all understand the basic differences between each type. A structured interview is conducted by an interviewer who asks a set list of job-related questions that were decided in advance.

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Disadvantages Of Semi Structured Interview

Structured interviews are very formal. In the last two decades, telephone interviewing became more and more common. Typically, the interviewer has a paper-based interview guide that he or she follows.

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The wording of questions will not necessarily be the same for all respondents. Strengths / Uses of Method. Weaknesses / Limitations of Method. 1. Positive rapport.

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Semistructured interviewing in primary care research: a balance of relationship and rigour


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