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difference between product and service marketing pdf

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Marketing of products and services involves different strategies due to the dissimilarities in their characteristics. While in product marketing, the aim is to fulfil the needs and wants of the target population.

Marketing refers to activities a company undertakes to promote the buying or selling of a product, service, or good.

However, the difference between product marketing and service marketing does not merely refer to the differences between the product and service ; it is also concerned with how the needs of the customers are satisfied. A product or service can be used in isolation, but in most instances, each complements the other in order to provide the best customer experience. Due to this, marketing products and services have many similarities. For example, a restaurant serves a product, but the customer experience a combination of both product and service time taken for delivery, customer reception, quality, and taste. So, this interconnection and dependence should always be given priority by the sellers.

Difference Between Product Marketing and Service Marketing

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Products and services are two closely aligned concepts, and, in fact, most products have an element of service in them. For example, a car buyer now buys a comprehensive bundle of service benefits, in addition to the tangible components of the car 1. However, there is a distinct difference between them and it is important to establish some working definitions. When a client asks "what can you make for me? While a product is something that can be measured and counted, a service is less concrete and is the result of the application of skills and expertise towards an identified need. A product is something you can point at, whereas a service, as The Economist defines it, is any activity "you can't drop on your foot" 2 although this definition doesn't hold up when the products are digital in form — weightless objects that have no mass or material definition aside from the physical media on which they exist. Nonetheless, even in file-based workflows, there is a distinction between a product being produced and a service provided to fill a need.

The objectives of this paper are firstly to outline the scope and the content of marketing, and secondly to explore the nature of the marketing of services as distinct from the marketing of products. In fulfilling both these objectives the paper provides a background for other contributions in this collection dealing with a variety of marketing of financial services examples and situations. Cowell, D. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here. You can also find out more about Emerald Engage.

Difference Between Product Marketing and Service Marketing

Posted by Terms compared staff Feb 10, Marketing. Companies face problems in making place for a new product that is not known to the target audience. This is where marketing comes into play. The purpose of marketing is to develop an image of the product or service in the minds of the customer in a way that the brand becomes synonymous to the specific product. Marketing is not just limited to products as services, properties, ideas, experiences and at times even individuals are marketed.

Defining Key Concepts: Products vs. Services

Read on to learn more…. Successful digital marketing is complex, with different strategies needed to help increase leads, boost sales, and promote your brand. A starting point for success is understanding the difference between product marketing and service marketing. A report from McKinsey, the business consulting firm, found that B2B companies during this COVID pandemic see digital interactions as two to three times more important to their customers than traditional interactions.

The Marketing of Services

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The obvious difference between product and service marketing is that products are tangible, and services are intangible. Products – Tangible.

What′s Different About Services Marketing?

Key Differences Between Product Marketing and Service Marketing

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What′s Different About Services Marketing?

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Describes the differences between the marketing of services and that of products.