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If you wish to immigrate to Canada as a Federal Skilled Worker, you must have experience within the past ten 10 years in an occupation listed below. The occupation must also must correspond to the Canadian occupational definition of your listed migration occupation.

How do I find my National Occupation Classification (NOC) code?

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All jobs include performing certain tasks that may be considered requirements. This rule results in the employer refusing to hire a Sikh man. This rule is not intended to exclude Sikh men who as a part of their religion are not allowed to shave from employment, but it has this effect and therefore would be considered discriminatory. This assessment includes determining whether the rule was designed inclusively and whether it would be possible to accommodate, without causing undue hardship. In this example, the business objective may be to ensure hygiene when preparing food. However, Sikh men can easily be accommodated by allowing them to wear a net to cover their beard, which should not cause the employer undue hardship.

Whenever immigration applicants are asked to identify work experience, they must do so by indicating the NOC code that best fits their experience. Some economic immigration streams are even limited to applicants with experience in occupations identified by specific NOC codes. Choosing the right NOC code is one of the most important parts of your immigration application. Every NOC code has an associated job title, lead statement, and list of major duties and responsibilities. For Canadian immigration purposes, your actual job title is not important in determining your NOC code. Instead, your work experience has to match the lead statement, and you should have performed most of the duties and responsibilities listed.

Occupational therapy

Disclaimer and Copyright Updates. Under section e of the Act, a citizen of Canada or Mexico who seeks temporary entry as a business person to engage in business activities at a professional level may be admitted to the United States in accordance with the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. Business activities at a professional level means those undertakings which require that, for successful completion, the individual has a least a baccalaureate degree or appropriate credentials demonstrating status as a professional in a profession set forth in Appendix Business person , as defined in the NAFTA, means a citizen of Canada or Mexico who is engaged in the trade of goods, the provision of services, or the conduct of investment activities. Engage in business activities at a professional level means the performance of prearranged business activities for a United States entity, including an individual.

To apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class, your skilled work experience must:. Note : Completing an Express Entry profile is the first step to immigrate to Canada permanently as a skilled worker. Completing an Express Entry profile does not guarantee that you will receive an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence. An Invitation to Apply for permanent residence will be based on your score and rank in the Express Entry pool using the Comprehensive Ranking System. Under the Canadian Experience Class, you must have had temporary resident status and the proper work or study authorization when you gained the Canadian work experience or educational credential you are claiming. Refugee claimants who have authorization to work or study while waiting for a decision on their claim do not have temporary resident status and cannot apply under this category.

2. Setting job requirements

The primary function of a store supervisor is to oversee a team of staff members within a retail store. They are also responsible for ensuring that financial objectives are met and that all aspects of the store are running smoothly at all times. Store supervisors can work for any type of retail store, whether they sell clothing, home goods, cookware, electronics, tools, or another type of merchandise. They work exclusively in a retail environment and may also have an office space where they can perform duties such as filing paperwork and working on a computer. Identifying customer inquiries and complaints and making appropriate recommendations for corrective solutions to meet their needs and expectations.

Jobs are grouped based on the type of:. Our immigration programs use the NOC to decide if a job or type of work experience meets their eligibility. We assess jobs against the version of the NOC.

National Occupational Classification


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