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This book examines the role played by the parties themselves in two-party systems. It rejects the argument that the behaviour of the parties is determined largely by social forces or by the supposed logic of the electoral market. Instead, it shows that both structure and agency can matter.

A political party is an organization that coordinates candidates to compete in a country's elections.

University of Tasmania

E-mail: paulaes iscsp. E-mail: marcolisi fcsh. E-mail: bruno. While the analysis of party models and types of party members has been widely discussed at the theoretical level, empirical research has not attracted similar attention. This study contributes to filling this gap by examining an understudied case, namely party members in Portuguese political parties. The key objective of this article is to make a contribution to the study of activism and dedication to the party, in a comparative perceptive, considering different types of parties. The study covers four main dimensions of party membership: party members' socio-demographic profile, ideological attitudes, reasons for joining the party, and activism levels and types.

National Library of Australia. Search the catalogue for collection items held by the National Library of Australia. Ware, Alan. Political parties and party systems. This is an introduction to the study of political parties and party systems. It focuses primarily on liberal democracies and the approach is a comparative one.

Carbone, Giovanni M. Feikert, Clare Campaign Finance in the United Kingdom. Campaign Finance in the Federal Republic of Germany. Austin, Reginald and Tjernstrom, Maja ed

Party Reform: Where are Australia’s Political Parties Headed in the Future?

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Alan Ware, Political Parties and Party Systems, Oxford: Oxford University Press, , pp. –Google Scholar. 9. Peter Mair, 'Party Systems and Structures.

The Dynamics of Two-Party Politics: Party Structures and the Management of Competition

On 24 September , Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected leader of the UK Labour Party in a vote that attracted the participation of more than half a million people. For some, the process has reinvigorated the Labour Party, substantially increasing membership and enabling hundreds of thousands of individuals to participate in a grassroots democratic movement. For others, these reforms have seen the party hijacked by its supporters— or instant members—who paid a few pounds to vote in the leadership contest to elect a leader with little broader electoral appeal. The experience of the UK Labour Party highlights two very important questions that I want to explore in my lecture today.

Few scholars could undertake this, but he pulls it off admirably. He is concerned with the historical sources and intensity of conflicts - the roles of region, class, religion, and ideology over time. He addresses how those conflicts are represented and perpetuated by parties and politicians as they work within decentralized American institutional arrangements.

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New preferences for political participation

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Political Parties and Party Systems

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Political Conflict in America

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