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An ePortfolio is a digital collection of text-based, graphic, or multimedia artifacts archived on a website or storage device CD-ROM, DVD, flash drive that represent the accomplishments of a student or program.

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This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 30, Pages: School Forms Used H.

Sample Clearance Form I. Sample Excuse Letter J. Sample Application Letter K. Sample Format for Curriculum Vitae L. Code of Ethics for Professional Teachers N.

Sexual Harassment Law O. CHED Memo 30 s. DepED Order No. DepEd Order No. Certificate of Completion of Practice Teaching W. While my responsibilities as a student intern. Getting to know the cooperating teacher and learners. Give assistance to my cooperating teacher and students.

Observing well Listening to the expectations of the cooperating teacher. Meeting the cooperating teacher. Going to scheduled class. Presenting all needed documents. Expectations checklist Learner milestones chart. Meet the various school personnel. Utilize the learning resources of the school when needed. Analyze the vision and mission of the school. Familiarizing oneself with the different facilities and learning resources of the cooperating school. Visiting the different school facilities.

Meeting the different school personnel. Identifying the importance of school facilities and use these when needed.

Studying the records of the pupils. Establishing rapport with the pupils. Identifying the learning styles of the student.

Record important notes during the observation. Prepare my instructional materials. Perform my first activity well. Follow the instructions given by my cooperating teacher. Consider and reflect on the assessment of my cooperating teacher. Accomplishing the first activity given by the cooperating teacher.

Planning for the assigned task, do research if needed. Preparing the instructional materials. Performing the assigned tasks well. Analyze the various parts of a lesson plan. Write the lesson plan required by my cooperating teacher. Writing the first lesson plan. Writing the lesson plan based on the results of the pre-conference. Re-writing the lesson plan.

Execute the plan, if required. Demonstrate creativity and resourcefulness in preparing instructional materials.

Take snapshots of the various instructional materials used by my cooperating school. Designing the instructional materials. Creating using costeffective materials. Follow the rules in constructing the teats. Improve the test based on the suggestions of the cooperating teacher. Devising assessment tools for the learners. Preparing the test items.

Revising and making the final draft of the assessment tool. Implementing the assessment tool. Align the design and theme of the bulletin board with the lessons and activities of the class.

Use the bulletin board to enrich classroom instruction. Work well with the cooperating teacher. Designing and structuring bulletin boards. Organizing ideas on what to place on the bulletin board. Arranging your ideas in creative and artistic ways. Recreating ideas using illustrations, designs, figures and colors.

Designing the classroom bulletin board. Read all the instructions for me to know how to accomplish them. Give the importance of each school form. Secure a copy of each form. Familiarizing oneself with the different auxiliary services. Making a list of all these forms and what their purposes are.

Researching and reading on other DepEd forms. Studying how these forms and documents are accomplished and filled out. Work well with other personnel in the school community. Record observations and notes pertinent to the assigned tasks. Assist in school activities. Join my cooperating teacher and my class in school activities.

Preparing for the task ahead of time. The orientation conducted by my practicum supervisor and the cooperating principal will ensure my success as a student intern. My Map Learning Episode Directions To get to know my cooperating school better, I must do the following: Read the vision, mission, goals and core values of the school. Attend the orientation session with my practicum supervisor and cooperating principal. Record important notes during the orientation.

Ask questions, if necessary. Accomplish the Learning Episode. My Big Ideas Learning Essentials As a student intern, I need to know the following terms to fully understand my learning episodes. After my orientation session with my practicum supervisor and cooperating principal, I need to equip myself with the Practice Teaching kit to better prepare myself in this wonderful world of teaching.

How did I feel after the orientation? Complete the empty face and explain why you felt that way? I need to follow the policies and procedures of the cooperating school so that B. Am I really prepared to teach? Why not? There is a need to have orientation sessions to: I.

Establish the right atmosphere II. Formulate guidelines to follow III. Develop good relationships A. To have better relationships with the school community. To ensure the completion of the required units. To complete the requirements set by the school.

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This document was uploaded by user and they confirmed that they have the permission to share it. If you are author or own the copyright of this book, please report to us by using this DMCA report form. Report DMCA. Home current Explore. Words: 30, Pages:

What's Up? At the end of the activity, I should be able to: visit my cooperating school. Average Total Score Rating. Name of Cooperating School. Orientation with the school principal. Based on the orientation activity conducted by the school, I shall complete the responsibility matrix given below. Must prepare a lesson plan and show it to the 1.

Handbook Design: Dr. Maritza Reyes Laborde Dr. Activities Monthly Report You are entering the culminating phase of an enriching teacher preparation program that has enabled you to effectively enter professional life as an educator. This practice teaching course is designed to give you hands-on experience in a real life educational setting that will enhance your chances for success as an English teacher. The Clinical Practice Teaching Handbook will serve as your guide as you improve and acquire new skills as an educator.

PREFACEThe Practice Teaching Handbook and Portfolio is especially designed/ prepared for the graduating students of the Teacher Education Institutions.

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Deliberations, recommendations and changes made are reflected in this document. The assistant principal shall be responsible for assisting the principal in the administrative and leadership responsibilities of the school to which he is assigned. Subject to law and to the rules of the State Board. Practice teaching handbook and portfolio episode 13 - f-static. This Episode dwells on types of questions, questioning and reacting techniques that teachers make use of.

Embed Size px x x x x You can easily fill out your answers in your practice teaching handbook and portfolio using this. At the end of the activity, I should be able to: visit my cooperating school.


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The Mentor Teacher is the onsite supervisor. The Mentor Teacher's application of educational theories and practice within an actual classroom situation. Teaching Episodes.

My Practice Teaching Handbook and Portfolio. January 3, | Author: Rizel Regino Bensig | Category: N/A.

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