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Research Progress and Discussion of Waxy Crude Pour Point Depressants: A Mini Review

Bernard, George G. Laboratory experiments were conducted to determine the effect of foam on gas flow in porous media. Previous studies have indicated that foam may be applicable as a restrictive agent in influencing underground gas flow. Foam was found to be exceedingly effective in reducing the permeability of porous media to gas. Consolidated and unconsolidated sands with specific permeabilities of to , md had, in the presence of foam, gas permeabilities that were less than 1 per cent of the specific permeability; in many cases the gas permeability was practically zero. Foam reduced the gas permeability of loose sand to a much greater degree than that of a tight sand. For example, the permeability of a ,md sand was reduced to 3 md while the permeability of a 4,md sand was reduced to 7 md.

foam in oil gas separators

Harford, Wilmingtom'DeL, assignorto E. Application October 29, ,. Borax has been employed successfully as a corrosion inhibitor for methanol and ethylene glycol antifreeze compositions. Synergistic combinations of borax and mercaptobenzothiazole have also been em-' ployed on a large commercial scale for the same purpose. Ethylene glycol antifreeze containing borax as a corrosion inhibitor requires an anti-foaming agent, as does ethylene glycol inhibited with other known commercial antifreeze corrosion inhibitors, where avoidance of foaming is important.

had very different glycomacropeptide contents but similar foaming properties. The foam depressant in whey originates from raw milk. (Key words: whey protein​.

Research Progress and Discussion of Waxy Crude Pour Point Depressants: A Mini Review

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Research Progress and Discussion of Waxy Crude Pour Point Depressants: A Mini Review

Volume 61, 2019

Fluoroprotein Foam Fluoroprotein foams provide better control, greater fluidity, and superior resistance to fuel contamination in comparison to standard protein foams. Fluoroprotein foams are derived from protein foam concentrates to which small amounts of fluorochemical surfactants are added. The fluorochemical surfactants are similar to those developed for AFFF foam concentrates but used in much lower concentrations. All Rights Reserved. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page.

DOI : The crude oils exploited in oilfields are mainly high-wax crude oils. Paraffins precipitate, crystallize, and form a three-dimensional network structure, when the temperature falls below the Wax Appearance Temperature WAT , which decreases crude oil fluidity. This poses huge challenges to oil exploitation and transportation, as well as cost control. To date, the addition of chemical pour point depressants has been a convenient and economical method to improve low-temperature fluidity in crude oils. This article reviews the types of pour point depressants of crude oil and their performance mechanisms, and introduces the main research methods and progress made in the study of the performance mechanisms of pour point depressants in waxy crude oils. Finally, the development direction of pour point depressants is prospected.

Pipe inclination effects on high viscosity oil-gas two phase flow characteristics Yahaya D. Aliyu, Okereke U. Ndubuisi, Akinola S. Oluwole, Wasiu A. Ayoola, pp. Optimal sizing of mud gas separators in well planning for effective well control in drilling operation Boniface A. Oriji, Offodum G.

THE ACTION OF MILK FAT AS A FOAM DEPRESSANT. ABRAHA:¥I Van Dam (2) attributed the destructive action on foam of the fat globules in milk to pendent of the spreading power of the emulsified fat or oil; that proposed by Sommer.

How to overcome this foamy crude phenomenon?

Foam can severely degrade the performance of a separator. Foaming in a separating vessel is a three-fold problem: 1. Foam has a large volume-to-weight ratio. The effects of temperature on a foamy oil are interesting. The first effect is to change the oil viscosity. For foaming to occur it is necessary for gas bubbles to be formed, and for the drainage of the liquid films surrounding the bubbles to be retarded. Drainage of the films is slower in highly viscous liquids, but the chief causes of foaming are surface properties which are usually unpredictable.


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Froth flotation is a process for selectively separating hydrophobic materials from hydrophilic.

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properties of high-viscosity crude oils, as well as compares traditional and low pressure and low GOR (exception for foamy pour point depressants. Some of.

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what is foamy crude - how foam is formed and what are the factors that lead to this Print Friendly, PDF & Email Foam depressant chemicals often will do a good job in increasing the capacity of a given separator. However.