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Sigmund Freud — founder of psychoanalysis. In psychoanalysis, the precept according to which psychological processes and actions are governed by the gratification of needs and the avoidance or discharge of unpleasurable tension. It is the governing principle of the id, in contrast to the reality principle, which is a governing principle of the ego. Freud introduced the concept in his book The Interpretation of Dreams , where he initially called it the unpleasure principle Standard Edition, IV-V, at p. Also called the pleasure-pain principle or awkwardly but closer to Freud's original German the pleasure-unpleasure principle.

Elements of Psychophysics

Ernst Mach February 18, — February 19, made major contributions to physics, philosophy, and physiological psychology. In physics, the speed of sound bears his name, as he was the first to systematically study super-sonic motion. He also made important contributions to understanding the Doppler effect. His critique of Newtonian ideas of absolute space and time were an inspiration to the young Einstein, who credited Mach as being the philosophical forerunner of relativity theory. His systematic skepticism of the old physics was similarly important to a generation of young German physicists. In philosophy, he is best known for his influence upon the Vienna Circle a predecessor of which was named the Ernst Mach Verein , for his famous anti-metaphysical attitude which developed into the verifiability theory of meaning , for his anti-realist stance in opposition to atomism, and in general for his positivist-empiricist approach to epistemology.

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An early pioneer in experimental psychology and founder of psychophysics , he inspired many 20th-century scientists and philosophers. Despite being raised by his religious father, Fechner became an atheist in later life. In he was appointed professor of physics at Leipzig. But in , he contracted an eye disorder while studying the phenomena of color and vision , and, after much suffering, resigned. Subsequently, recovering, he turned to the study of the mind and its relations with the body, giving public lectures on the subjects dealt with in his books. Whilst lying in bed, Fechner had an insight into the relationship between mental sensations and material sensations.

Ernst Mach

Who is considered the father of psychology? This question does not necessarily have a cut-and-dry answer since many individuals have contributed to the inception, rise, and evolution of modern-day psychology. We'll take a closer look at a single individual who is most often cited as well as other individuals who are also considered fathers of various branches of psychology. Wilhelm Wundt is the man most commonly identified as the father of psychology. Other people such as Hermann von Helmholtz, Gustav Fechner, and Ernst Weber were involved in early scientific psychology research , so why are they not credited as the father of psychology? By establishing a lab that utilized scientific methods to study the human mind and behavior, Wundt took psychology from a mixture of philosophy and biology and made it a unique field of study.

Psychophysics , study of quantitative relations between psychological events and physical events or, more specifically, between sensations and the stimuli that produce them. Physical science permits, at least for some of the senses , accurate measurement on a physical scale of the magnitude of a stimulus. By determining the stimulus magnitude that is just sufficient to produce a sensation or a response , it is possible to specify the minimum perceptible stimulus, or the absolute stimulus threshold stimulus limen , for the various senses. The central inquiry of psychophysics pertains to the search for a lawful, quantitative relation between stimulus and sensation for the range of stimuli between these limits. Psychophysics was established by German scientist and philosopher Gustav Theodor Fechner.

Look at any introductory psychology book that covers psychoanalysis, and you are likely to find an image of an iceberg floating in the sea. The image serves as an illustrative metaphor for Freud's theory of the mind: Only a fragment of our ideas and feelings are conscious or "visible" to us, while the vast bulk of our mental content is unconscious or "invisible" to everyday introspection. A simple Internet search of the terms "Freud iceberg" will bring forth hundreds of examples. The problem is that Freud never mentioned the iceberg in his published writings. It is a metaphor that has become ubiquitous in English-language writings about Freudian theory, but that does not find its source in his work.

Influenced by Gustav Fechner, a German physicist considered to be the father of psychophysics, Freud theorized that conscious pleasure and.

Gustav Theodor Fechner (1801–1887)

Хотя три дня назад, когда раздался звонок, Токуген Нуматака был полон сомнений и подозрений, теперь он знал правду. У него счастливая миури - счастливая судьба. Он избранник богов. - В моих руках копия ключа Цифровой крепости, - послышался голос с американским акцентом.

Ernst Mach

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Where did Freud's iceberg metaphor of mind come from?

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Он улыбнулся. Может, заскочить на секунду, когда просмотрю эти отчеты. Бринкерхофф взял первую распечатку. ШИФРОВАЛКА - ПРОИЗВОДИТЕЛЬНОСТЬРАСХОДЫ Настроение его сразу же улучшилось. Мидж оказала ему настоящую услугу: обработка отчета шифровалки, как правило, не представляла собой никаких трудностей. Конечно, он должен был проверить все показатели, но единственная цифра, которая по-настоящему всегда интересовала директора, - это СЦР, средняя цена одной расшифровки.

 - Рыженькие. - Да, а как зовут вашего брата. Я скажу вам, кто его сегодня сопровождает, и мы сможем прислать ее к вам завтра. - Клаус Шмидт, - выпалил Беккер имя из старого учебника немецкого. Долгая пауза.

Gustav Theodor Fechner was a German experimental psychologist, philosopher, and physicist. Furthermore, he influenced Sigmund Freud, who refers to Fechner when introducing the Website:; ^ Campen, Cretien van (​).

Gustav Fechner

Но это значит… значит… что мы не можем… - Это значит, что нужен другой план действий.  - Фонтейн, как обычно, говорил спокойно и деловито. Глаза Джаббы по-прежнему выражали шок и растерянность, когда сзади раздался душераздирающий крик: - Джабба. Джабба. Это кричала Соши Кута, его технический ассистент, подбегая к платформе с длиннющей распечаткой в руке.

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Wilhelm Wundt Biography

Увы, Мидж платили за то, чтобы она задавала вопросы, и Бринкерхофф опасался, что именно с этой целью она отправится прямо в шифровалку.

Он что-то им говорит. Но что. Дэвид на экране застыл в глубокой задумчивости. - Разница, - бормотал он себе под нос.  - Разница между U235 и U238.

Плечи его отчаянно болели, а грубый камень не обеспечивал достаточного захвата и впивался в кончики пальцев подобно битому стеклу. Беккер понимал, что через несколько секунд его преследователь побежит назад и с верхних ступеней сразу же увидит вцепившиеся в карниз пальцы. Он зажмурился и начал подтягиваться, понимая, что только чудо спасет его от гибели. Пальцы совсем онемели. Беккер посмотрел вниз, на свои ноги.

pleasure principle

 - Цифровая крепость сразу же станет всеобщим стандартом шифрования.


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Gustav Theodor Fechner's significance for Freud's psychoanalytic theory | The influence of psycho-physicist Gustav Theodor Fechner on Freud's thinking is generally held to be a scientifically established fact. Request Full-text Paper PDF.

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Fechner () For and In Psychology: Part I. William R. Woodward of which were lacking in Freud ac- knowledged that “G. T. Fechner held a view on the subject of Frankfurt: Peter Lang. [Gustav Theodor Fechner: A Ger-.

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