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Metrics details. Currently the corporate governance reforms in India are at cross roads where though the intention behind the reforms is good yet there is a need to look for a complete solution addressing country specific challenges in Indian context.

Corporate governance

The purpose of enlightening us to this concept is to make an assessment of the prevailing investor protection and education regime in India. It throws light at the laws, rules, and regulations governing investor protection and education in the country and reviews the quality of their enforcement. Investor protection affects significantly the financial structure of an economy. Strong investor protection is essential for the trust that needs to be inhibited in the mind of investors. As India is trying to promote long-term savings by households through financial markets, the protection of investors, especially the retail individual investors, has become vital.

A possible reason is that not only the quality of the standard-setting process, but also other factors might affect accounting quality and one of its dimensions, namely, value relevance. By analysing data from a sample of financial entities listed in 43 countries from all over the world and adopting IFRS 9 in place of IAS 39 as of 1st January , this paper tests whether the quality of firm-level corporate governance and country-level investor protection environments affects the value relevance of equity values calculated according to the requirements of IFRS 9 and IAS The results suggest that, despite both accounting standards providing investors with value relevant information, in the presence of high-quality corporate governance or a high-quality investor protection environment, IFRS 9 is more value relevant than IAS 39, whereas the opposite is true in the presence of low-quality corporate governance or a low-quality investor protection environment. The research results provide the first empirical evidence of the value relevance of the new accounting standard on financial instruments and contribute to the debate on the existence of other factors that, together with the quality of the IASB standards, affect the quality of financial reporting. The objective of this paper is to investigate whether the quality of both corporate governance and the investor protection environment affect the value relevance of international financial reporting standard IFRS 9 and international accounting standards IAS The first-time adoption FTA of the former at the beginning of in place of the latter provides the opportunity to test the ability of firm-level and country-level factors to improve value relevance, thanks to the availability of accounting amounts calculated according to the requirements of both accounting standards on financial instruments.

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Corporate Governance, Investor Protection and Performance in Emerging Markets

It may be defined as a set of systems, processes and principles which ensure that a company is governed in the best interest of all stakeholders. The elements of good corporate governance include maintenance of transparency, accountability, disclosures, compliance with the legal framework, shareholders value, etc. The legal and regulatory framework of corporate governance should aim at protection of investors. Since maintenance of transparency in dealings of the company is the most important facet of corporate governance in India, the same shall be ensured in order to provide a mechanism for protection of the investors. The need to protect the investors arises because the companies indulge in unfair trade practices and corporate frauds. When such corporate frauds are committed, the investors are the class of stake holders who are most adversely affected. The companies shall also consider that in case they go beyond the corporate governance norms, the confidence of the shareholders in the company would be instilled; which is indirectly beneficial for the company.

Top PDF Development of Corporate Governance Policies Vis- A- Vis Investor Protection, India

Corporate governance is the collection of mechanisms, processes and relations used by various parties to control and to operate a corporation. Corporate governance includes the processes through which corporations' objectives are set and pursued in the context of the social, regulatory and market environment. These include monitoring the actions, policies, practices, and decisions of corporations, their agents, and affected stakeholders. Corporate governance practices can be seen [ by whom? Interest in the corporate governance practices of modern corporations, particularly in relation to accountability , increased following the high-profile collapses of a number of large corporations in —, many of which involved accounting fraud ; and then again after the financial crisis in

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Corporate Governance

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